Click Tick List

      1. Experience a total eclipse (read about our trip here)
      2. See a spacecraft launch
      3. Visit Easter Island
      4. Watch the Northern Lights with Gav
      5. Have another US road trip (read about it here)
      6. See the Empire State Building’s Christmas lights
      7. Visit the Top of the Rock (read about it here)
      8. See Niagara Falls from Canada
      9. Enjoy afternoon tea at a London hotel (November 2012)
      10. Photograph 100 gardens from this book (see here for details and links to posts about our visits – the number currently stands at fifty four)
      11. Ride in a hot air balloon
      12. Sell something I’ve made
      13. Sew a quilt. read about it here
      14. Grow beetroot – just cannot grow that stuff
      15. Make a Gingerbread House (read about it here)
      16. See the Pyramids
      17. Watch a Shakespeare Play at the Globe (read about it here)
      18. Get a book published
      19. Experience the Monaco Grand Prix
      20. Sail on the Grand Canal (read about it here)
      21. Take part in a 5k race
      22. Step on the Giants Causeway
      23. Play a piece of music proficiently on the piano
      24. Read Persuasion
      25. Make and use an insect/bee house in the garden
      26. Eat a vegetarian meal in 5 new to me restaurants (read about them here and here)
      27. Hire a canal boat
      28. See the Seven Bore (info) Read about it here
      29. Horseback ride along a beach
      30. Read Good Wives
      31. Photograph five beaches with beach huts on them
      32. See Curling live
      33. Walk part of Hadrian’s Wall (a decent stretch with an overnight stay)
      34. Take a great railway journey or one of these.
      35. Learn how to dance the jive
      36. Have my hand painted in henna (read about it here)
      37. See the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in Liverpool (this replaces have my ears pierced again!)  (read about it here)
      38. Harvest Olives in Greece
      39. Visit 30 of the 50 States in the US (visited so far – Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New York,  New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia)
      40. See Hawaii’s volcano
      41. Watch a flock of Starlings roost (a murmuration)
      42. Go to a black tie event
      43. See a golf tournament abroad
      44. Complete my family tree back to 1750
      45. Sing Karaoke
      46. Sleep on a sleeper train (info for UK sleeper train, info for Europe)
      47. Ring in the New Year in Times Square
      48. Visit Long Island
      49. Grow enough flowers to have them in the house all summer long. Read about my most successful year here
      50. Read Winnie the Pooh (read about it here)
      51. Go on a cruise
      52. Drive across the Isle of Skye bridge
      53. Give Blood
      54. Live in a different country for a month
      55. Plant an orchard
      56. Spend Christmas in a snowy location
      57. Practice meditation
      58. Fly in a helicopter
      59. Drive down the Florida Keys  (read about it here)
      60. See the leaning Tower of Pisa (read about it here)
      61. Visit the National Memorial Arboretum (read about it here)
      62. Live by the sea
      63. Make profiteroles (I did once many years ago) (read about it here)
      64. Visit Redwood National Park
      65. See Monument Valley (read about it here)
      66. Visit Sutton Hoo (read about it here)
      67. Make Bircher Muesli (original recipe ) read about it here
      68. See a sunrise. Read about it here
      69. Visit the big crater in Arizona (read about it here)
      70. Make a chocolate Christmas cake (read about it here)
      71. Walk a long distance coastal path in UK
      72. Plant a living fence (read about it here)
      73. Travel on the Piccadilly Line all the way to Heathrow and fly off somewhere (read about it here)
      74. Go back to Rome with Gav
      75. Photograph the Sydney Opera House
      76. Attend the Ceremony of the Keys (read about it here)
      77. Watch Snooker at the Crucible – World Championships (see a photo here)
      78. See the Purton Ships Graveyard
      79. Visit a Lavender Field in France
      80. Stay on the Isles of Scilly (visit Tresco)
      81. Ride the Mail Rail in London (read about it here) 
      82. Visit the Literary Festival at Hay on Wye
      83. Experience the Colombia Road Flower Market
      84. Photograph Duddo Five Stones (read about it here)
      85. Watch a Movie under the Stars
      86. Ascend the steps to the top of the Sacre Coeur
      87. Sew an item of clothing (read about it here)
      88. Design and make weaving/macrame for our living room
      89. Be conversational in another language
      90. Go on a Yoga retreat
      91. Experience Glastonbury Music Festival
      92. See El Capitan
      93. Go iceskating again in NYC
      94. Ride on a Jetski
      95. Cross Abbey Road (read about it here)
      96. Watch 50 new to me films between June 2018 – December 2019 (read about it here)
      97. Photograph all the Monopoly Streets
      98. Go Disneybounding (read about it here)
      99. Tour Highgate Cemetery
      100. Take Gav to see the tennis at Wimbledon