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That weight thing

I am in between heaven and hell. Here I go again on my dramatics….

Okay, I have been ‘dieting’ for about five months. As of Sunday last. I have lost a stone. Hoorah. And I am the lightest I have been in twenty years. Woop de woop!

So I am on a big diet high. I have been succesful and achieved a goal I didn’t think I would, I am happy and inspired to keep going.

But. You knew it was coming.

But, I have been here before. I have been at this point where I loose weight and am happy with myself and then it all goes pear shaped (literally) and I put the weight back on.

So, like I say heaven and hell.

However, this time around I have not kept a record of the food I’ve eaten each day, instead I just went with it in the first few weeks and when I lost weight I just kept doing what seemed to be working and although it’s taken a while it has come off.

And I’m thinking that I know what I need to do to not put on weight. I know I don’t have to be tied to a piece of paper, tied to the action of recording what food I eat forever because  what I have been doing for five moths has worked. It has formed a habit of just knowing what I can eat and what I can’t. 

(I wish I could end on a positive note – but it’s me here…)

I am sure it is not that simple. And I have a holiday coming up which is also a reason for the panic. We will see.

First day diet blues

Here I am again. I could not begin to count the number times I’ve started a diet in my adult life. By my age I really should have either got a grip and stopped being a pig or just accepted that I love food and eat too much. But I can’t do either of those things so here I am once more.

For the past fifteen years I have done Weight Watchers on my own and occasionally I joined a meeting. I like the points system. Don’t know about these new points plus things I stick to my old books where an apple is 1pt etc. This time around we are doing a five week stretch in an attempt to loose a few pounds before Gavs week off work. The idea being we loose a few so we can put them back on. Yes, I know that’s not the idea, is very unhealthy yadda yadda, but it is what we do and there is no way around it.

It got to about 4pm today and my belly was a rumbling and then I ate dinner which was my stand by Pasta Bake. Very easy and delicious courgette and red peppers added to a basic tomato sauce add a few olives and mix the sauce into the pasta. Sprinkle with grated cheddar – how much depends on if you are on a diet or not. I used 45g for this whole dish. And bake for about 20 minutes at 200c -fan oven.  


But I was still hungry and over on my points, when it dawned on me. You can’t really eat that much when on a diet. Why oh why can’t I just control myself and not put it all back on again?

On the bright side it’s only five weeks and I know from experience that I get motivated for a while which makes it easier and of course the old belly shrinks so you get fuller faster – yay.

Oh! such joys to look forward to.