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Week In The Life™ 2017 – Completed Album

Yes you read that right. This is my 2017 album…. from April! Last April. Let’s not wonder how it has taken me so long to share but focus on the completed pages instead. Lot’s of photos ahead……

This was my fifth time of making an album based on an in depth look at one week and the first time using the kit offered by Ali.

There were lots of great products in the kit and I really liked the album. It was good quality and deep so it easily held all the weeks stories.

The kit came with page protectors, alphas, those great transparent numbers you can see above, 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 cards and lots more. I love the look of the numbers in the 2 x 2 pocket page as an opener for the week and the circle that I cut from the packaging of the kit.

And my favourite photo from the week enlarged to 8 x 6.

I followed a similar format for each day starting with an enlarged photo and a chip board square on the left and on the right the enlarged day of the week slotted in somehow, that was also acetate and from the kit.

As you’ll see the photo numbers dwindle as the week progresses and I adjusted my pages to fit that as I went along.

I also used a wonderful rolling stamp that shows the time. Ali stamped times on her photos and I loved the idea. The stamp is also from Ali’s shop.

I wasn’t bothered that my photos ran in non chronological time order I just fitted them in dependant on size.

Below you can see a pre-printed card with the days of the week at the top. This originally also had ‘morning’ afternoon’ and ‘evening’ printed on as well. There was one for each day and I typed up a different set of topics to record and adhered them over the top.

As well as the card giving an overview of those topics I typed up a timed sheet with lots of our day on too. And added the wooden day of the week to the top.

Some days ended with more enlarged photos too.

And Tuesday.

Really love the look of that stamped time on the photos.

As you can see below I had lots to say on Tuesday so the writing went over the page.

And sometimes I added a flip up page to add extra photos.


And Thursday. If I didn’t have a chipboard square that fit the sentiment of the photo I used one of the rubber circles instead, also from the kit.

Friday. It may be months and months ago now but looking back at these photos is a treat.

This kind of documenting is harder work sometimes and clearly it has taken a while to share here although the album has been finished since last autumn but whatever the challenges it is a worthwhile project.

And Saturday.

And finally Sunday.

Another absolute favourite photo is that one above of us working on the middle border and Buddy sat overseeing the work!

There we go Week In The Life™ 2017 in the books.

Week In The Life™ 2017 – Sunday Photos

I have been joining in with Ali and her Week In The Life™ project. This is the first chance I’ve had to share my photos and it was all about the garden yesterday.

But we started with a walk to get coffee and the paper.

Hanging out the washing with the big camera slung round my neck.

It was good this week to get the Canon out and take some photos with it again. The iphone makes it too easy to snap and I have been forgetting to take the bigger camera out and about.

I used the macro lens on these Ivy leaves.

I know its blurry but I love this photo. My foot, his paw.

The Poang is still in the hall after last weeks Easter Sunday lunch for sixteen. And someone loves a Poang.

Sowing seeds.

For the shot above I used the timer on the phone and balanced it on some plant pots. Below, phone photo again of the same area in the garden but this time pulled back and Gav at the potting up bench.

I like the two different photos of the same spot in the garden.

Bedding back on. Let it be known that of all the housework jobs I hate changing the bed the most but so adore clean bedding.

I was messing about trying to take selfies while Gav went out running and ended up feeling really sick! Probably something to with trying to lie on my stomach…..

So it was an early night for me. I felt a bit better later after a snooze so I watched snooker on the laptop in bed.

Love this project. Going to sort my photos out and send them off to be printed. I’ll share more on the completed album soon.


Week In The Life™ 2016 – in the album


This has been a while in the finishing but at last I have 2016 in the album.


I went back to a design I used in 2010 which was my version of Ali’s design for that year.


Think that I’ve found my favourite way of documenting this project. The simplicity of the design is why I love it. One spread per day, the words and feature photo on the left and a collage of photos on the right.


Yes, there is more computer work to get the photos cropped and into a template in Photoshop but then I just printed the right side pages all as one, trimmed and popped into the pocket page.


The left page was designed to leave a space for the photo, which I printed as a 4 x 6 and added onto the cardstock, and a space for the strip of patterned paper. I printed these here at home too.


There are compromises to this design because I just can’t include as many photos as I generally had for each day but I don’t mind the compromise on this occasion.


The words add to the story of the photos and I like that balance.


I included these pages in the same 6 x 8 album I used for Week In The Life™ in 2015 which is a Simple Stories one. Combining the two years in one little book made me very happy!


Week in the Life™ is a project devised by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.




Week In The Life™ – review part two


Okay more of the Week In The Life™ photos. Here are some shots from Friday to Sunday.


I’ve been taking more self portraits recently. Partly because I always do for this project but also because we were encouraged to do so in the class I took recently Storytelling with Project Life® from Ali Edwards. I have been thinking about doing a regular self portrait post but not sure I can commit to putting myself in front of the lens more than I do already… we’ll see.

Anyway back to the photos.

Guess he didn’t like the blanket. Also love that random sock sat on the radiator!


Love me the shadows we make.


French toast for breakfast.



She caught us two concentrating on making arrows….


And here she is with the completed bow and arrow.



A little more danger before I took her home.


Someone thinks that sticks are made for chewing…


Good to know he loves us.



Although clearly he loves a stick more.


Got to document my ongoing love affair with my dressing gown!


And that was that.

Back to share the album in the next few weeks.

Week In The Life™ – review part one


Hello and welcome to a little review of some of my photos from the recent  Week In The Life™  project.

I didn’t share my photos in the week itself because I was a tad stressed at work (a colleague had an accident, she’s on the mend thank goodness, and will be on long-term sick. I foolishly/kindly said I would cover some of her work, which was a challenge as I didn’t have a clue how to do it.)

So I thought I’d just share them as a recap.

Here is Monday to Thursday.


Over the Monday and Tuesday I only took about 20 photos. Like I say stressed!




Some of the photos I took are to document little things, well this whole project does that doesn’t it? This picture of things hanging from our open wardrobe doors is a little thing but something to remember. We are very bad at not putting clothes away and leaving these doors open. Just wanted that odd fact captured.



Rain on the new greenhouse. I love that brand new experience. And I am so looking forward to spending time in there come rain or shine.


Here a large collection of Emma.


Took this girl to a new Pizza place. You order the pizza by the half metre!



I never have a hot drink with a sandwich so documenting the fact that today I did. And I’m sat at my colleagues desk – that’s her little note book. I wanted to capture that I’m sat somewhere different at work right now.


Good old games night for Gav and his BFF, they connect online and play the same games……..yawn!


There we go.

I think that I’m going to make an 8 x 8 album this time round with a double page spread for each day rather than a pocket page style. I made that sized album for the first Week In The Life™ I took part in and looking back I think it is my favourite. It was way back in 2010 and is bitter sweet because it was only a few weeks before we lost our other little pooch. Like I say bitter sweet but I am so glad I have the large amount of pictures from that time to remember him by.  I’ll take some photos of the album and share here.

Here is a link to my 2012 finished album. I never got round to posting the 2015 album…… maybe one day.

I’ll be back with Friday to Sunday.

Week in the Life™ 2015 – Saturday words and photos


Ane here we are at Saturday already. This Saturday was a very unusual and unique one. It was all about a party for a colleagues birthday.

But first…..


I know we shouldn’t let him on the bed but we do.


Waiting for me laid amongst the mess in my craft room. Hmm… I need a tidy up.


Love sweet peas so.


It was the sort of party you took a food contribution.I needed eggs for my dish so off to the shop I went.


Making tartlets.


Preparing the toenails.


The invitation said come dressed in a musical genre. It has been all we have talked about at work for the past three weeks. Hippie was my go to. Not sure I pulled it off but I joined in and love my new to me top.


We drove an hour and a half north into the Yorkshire Dales to the party. This was an amazing view from their patio. The photo just does not translate to the picturesque spot where they live. The weather was kind for some of the day but eventually it rained and rained and a storm lit up the sky with lightning.

I put the camera down as it got dark but I want to remember Gav and I dancing together under an umbrella in the rain. Two colleagues dancing in waterproof jackets. Others getting drenched but still having a fantastic time and dancing, dancing, dancing.

This was possibly the most wonderful, unusual and fun party I have ever attended. They are musical folk and had several bands playing all night long. Live music, those views and spending time with Gav and colleagues (remember my BFF is a colleague too) was something I won’t forget.


Another of my feet. This shot is so that I remember my adorable ankle bracelets and the mud, that you can’t really see but it was there.

A truly great day.


Week in the Life™ is a project devised by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Week in the Life 2015 – Wednesday and Thursday words and photos


Welcome. I loved Ali’s approach to her journalling this week so thought I’d try one of her techniques.


Some days I wake at 6.15am. Most days I just lay in bed thinking and usually drifting back to sleep 2 minutes before the 7am alarm. But today I got up early before the alarm. Gav sleeps in after I get up and take Buddy out for a walk.


Most days on a morning we take a 40 minute walk and pass this church. It was early for us today.


Most days I take in my surroundings during this quite time of day. Today I was disappointed to see signs of the end of summer.


Most days I feed Bud in the morning. Everyday he loves his breakfast.


Some days I have coffee before I leave the house. We are still using that old camping kettle. We really should buy a new one.


Most days I drive to work. We have that cover over the back seat as Gav has been walking my sisters and nephews dogs this past two weeks as they are away.

Every day for work I wear that purple blouse as it’s our uniform. I like the purple but not the material! I was really happy to see the sun shine today.


Most days this is my view at work. I like my spot in the corner where I can see all the comings and goings.


Some days my BFF (who also works where I do!) and I go out for a walk together at lunch time. She is leaving soon and I’ll miss her a lot.


Most days I have a salad for lunch. A new one for me today.


Some days, rare days, Gav eats lunch outside.


Some days in the summer I come home to a patchwork of cut up lawn. Gav loves his lawn and it is a constant work in progress.


Everyday he loves a treat and is happy to hand over a paw or two to get one.


Most days we sit here in the evening. And yep that is a cuddly toy on the table his name is Oreo.

And Thursday.


Most days I dislike the scales.


Some days it is so busy at work you forget to think about anything else, like taking photos! But it was someones birthday so two of us went out for cake and I snapped a shot on the way back.


Some days  it is warm enough to potter in the garden when the work day is done. Most days I just wander around and stare.


Most days in the summer I pick flowers. These are the sweet peas that are growing in the wooded area behind our house.



Some days I cook and some days he does. My turn today. I have a big collection of recipes I’ve pulled out of magazines, in the days before food blogs and Pinterest! I still use that file and love my collection of curated recipes.



Most days its pasta.


Some days, too many days we make bad choices and have treats after dinner.

Loving this week and the process of documenting so far.


Week in the Life™ is a project devised by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Week in the Life™ 2015 – Tuesday words and photos


Back to work today which = less photos. But that is ok.

I was thinking about grabbing photos pretty much all day and did take some on self timer at work but unfortunately the app I installed on my phone won’t let me download the images so they are lost. Hey ho. I still have a good selection and decided to write big words on them today. Maybe a bit too big but I am embracing experimentation this week it seems.

Didn’t need to write on this one though it was there on the pavement for me!


When I uploaded it I discovered that I had only caught part of what it said on the road which was ‘look right’ but I just got ‘ok right’ which I loved more that the whole phrase!


As I went about my day it dawned on me that work days are so different to home days. I know that’s pretty obvious but I was thinking on a different level than just the stuff of the day, just doing different things. I began thinking about the interactions I have in a work day compared with a day at home.

I have conversations off and on all day with a variety of people. We talk about nonsense, like the latest announcement of the Strictly Come Dancing celebs or how many times you’d have to walk up and down the corridor to get to 10,00 steps. (My colleague just got an i-watch so is calculating her steps….) We laugh and we grumble and we share stories. And even though I would rather be at home it is a wonderful thing that every day I get to share in stories.


Also today Gav took Ollie (my sisters pooch) and Ruby (my nephews pooch) out for a walk with Bud. They got drenched apparently. He did take photos (he’s learning!) but hasn’t downloaded them yet.




Like I say not as many photos but I have plenty of words written down. Onward to Wednesday.


Week in the Life™ is a project devised by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Week in the Life™ 2015 – Monday words and photos


I am sure that I’m not the only one excited to be starting this project again. I have done this twice before and I love both those albums. It’s been a while since I joined in so I am happy to get going. I don’t work Mondays so took full advantage of being here at home yesterday.


I’ve enjoyed reading Ali’s posts about the project this past week as we all geared ourselves up for the photos and words fest of the next few days. She mentioned in her post yesterday that this project often acts as a catalyst for change for her. I think that is true in some way for me too and as I sat down to edit the pictures from yesterday I was awash with words.


In the past I have been reluctant to do this project every year because I feel that our life is boring. I love it but we repeat the same old thing every day. Yet today I just kept writing and writing and loved that opportunity. The opportunity to see our life in a new way was refreshing and such a gift.

I was drawn to the concept of putting the words directly onto the pictures like Ali did last year so some have words and some are just plain for now.




Here is a typical example of how I can act on things I document this week. My reluctance to do housework! Yet once I start I’m fine. Learning little things about myself with each click of the shutter.



Here we have home-grown beans and potatoes making an easy salad. It is amazing being able to document food that we have produced right here.



Time for a walk and time for a weeding session on that drive….



And yep I did go out to capture the sunset wearing the dressing gown.


Great first day to the week.


Week in the Life™ is a project devised by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.