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Layout Share – Remember

Still working on finishing the 2017 album. We were there this time last year!

Anyway another Washington D.C layout.


Here’s the story –

I want to remember this place. I want to remember the heat, that Gav and I headed straight into the shade on the steps. I want to remember that pool didn’t have water in it last time we were here.I want to remember the crowds and the buzzing of it all. I want to remember the reason for this amazing memorial, how Americans celebrate their history. I’ll always remember. 

Such a good place to visit. And I was trying to convey that in my words. The simple act of going and soaking up the atmosphere taking a breath and remembering all of it. And I really wanted to include that photo my niece snapped of Gav and I in amongst the crowds! Now I look again at the layout I think I’ll find a larger piece of vellum and cover the whole photo with just me and he in the cutout circle.

Another tale in the books.

Layout Share – Guac or Cheese?

I’ve been busy this past week finalising plans to complete the 2017 USA album. The class I took from Ali Edwards, that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, really focussed my mind and got me enthusiastic to finish this album. I have a blog post in the works about this but for now here is another fun story from those travels.

Guac or Cheese


The continuing love affair with Chipotle! This time in Washington. If you have not experienced this food place then you won’t know that there is always a choice of guacamole or cheese on your burrito and I always ask for a little of both or if we are getting two burritos we have guac on one and cheese on the other. I like this fun title.

I’m finding that I embellish less and less these days. Generally in my scrapbook life I am a minimalist and this page certainly proves that! Still loving white card stock and American Craft Thickers for titles though. Gotta have the Thickers.

Layout Share – New Orleans Bound but First we Target

Another story from the USA trip 2017.

New Orleans Bound But First We Target

Not many words on this one –

Our first target stop. It was great to be back in this store!

What more can I say? We love a Target.

Layout Share – First Waffles

Happy Monday! Back again with another scrapbook page telling a story of our travels last year.

First Waffles

A very simple story told on a pad of 3 x 4 paper from an Ali Edwards Story Kit™ 

It sets out who, where, when, why as easy jumping off points to get a story on paper. There wasn’t a lot to say about these photos but I wanted to document this so that pad felt like a great way to go.

All about the first time my niece used a waffle making machine! Yum.

Layout Share – Here We Go and some Thoughts on Travel Scrapping

I’ve been thinking a lot about these scrapbook pages recently as I’ve signed up for a class over here all about travel story telling. I adore Ali’s classes, always get so much from them and come away inspired and ready.

The first week is walking through all of her past albums and then looking at those trips that haven’t got completed stories ‘in the books’ yet. She is encouraging us to think about the way we have told travel stories in the past, what has worked and what hasn’t.

When I think back I’ve used lots of ways to tell our travel tales. Mini books were a go to choice for many years. They were very popular in scrapbook land and inspiration was on every scrappy blog. I also used travel notebooks from Paperchase to journal on the go and then add all the ephemera and photos in when I got home. There are a couple of smaller sized scrapbook albums dedicated to holidays and most recently of course I have made 12 x 12 layouts to put in an album for that trip.

It has been good to think back, look back and remember all those places we have been and celebrate the stories I have told about the adventures. It has also made me happy to realise that for right now and for the stories about last years travels I’m happy to carry on with the 12 x 12 pages (which is good really because I have at least ten pages already made!)

Here We Go

Here’s the story –

We packed up and had a quick breakfast and got loaded into the car for the journey to the Eclipse. It was so very exciting indeed. What wasn’t exciting was the traffic! But we were off again on the next phase of this crazy adventure. Bring it on!

Looking forward to more from the class and sharing more of these stories.

Layout Share – That’s One Way to Get Steps

Another week another story!

That’s one way to get Steps

Here’s the story –

I said I’d finish the laundry as it was my turn. For some reason I walked back and forth between the room and the laundry room about twenty times! In the heat! Who know why but I did. Anyway the laundry got done and I went way over those steps.

This page is an example of yet another of those photos that I wanted to scrap but wondered why. After looking at the picture for a little while the memory of the trips back and forth popped into my head and that was a good enough tale to marry with the photo. I love this strange ritual of the Disney Caribbean laundry room. I could also have mentioned that the change machines ate your money, the wait for the engineer  to retrieve said money or the bliss of the air con inside the room. Maybe I’ll just remember those things or maybe I won’t either way I love the page as is and am happy I have those big washing machines in the album.

Layout Share – Georgetown Adventure

Here’s another layout from that big holiday album 2017!

Georgetown Adventure

And the story says –

On the bus again and over the river to the hip and trendy Georgetown for a look around Papersource and dinner. We were very brave and picked a busy trendy looking place called Flavio. Expensive, busy and maybe out of our league but we embraced it and drank our sodas out of their fancy jam jar glasses.

I had wanted to visit the area of Washington DC called Georgetown every time Gav and I have been but we never made it there until last year. Good to document that evening and get it into the album.

Layout Share – On the Road Again

Here goes with another story from our USA adventure last year.

On the Road Again

Here’s the story –

Was it day 2 or day 3…. It’s fair to say that we spent a long time in the car but it was a necessary part of the adventure and we did have some fun…..really!

A short little story to go with a sweet photo. She didn’t take those ears off for days! The car journey had to be documented, in fact I plan to tell a few more stories about that aspect of our holiday. We drove a long way and by the last leg of it I must say I was fed up. But we did it and I wouldn’t change it.

Just a note to say that from the chronological point of view there are stories missing from the album. I made quite a few pages a couple of months ago, I was inspired after writing about the planning of this album and I will keep sharing those as we go along. I have actually added all the photos into empty 12 x 12 page protectors in the album so I know what story will go where and I’ve just about finished writing stories down too. Very exciting to have this album filling up.

Layout Share – Let’s do it Again

Here’s the second overview layout from our Washington stay last year.

Let’s do it Again

Here’s the story –

The thunderstorm didn’t have any effect on the blistering temps for our third day. We hit the art gallery….. “I’ve stood on that bridge” The lovely Cascade Cafe. Moments of fun were had by Bev and I in the Air and Space place, saw the White House and lots of monuments an a very entertaining bud driver on the way home.

Another simple page that captures the essence of the day with a few photos and words. Really like this and the page from last time and will remember this technique going forward with all the other days and stories for this holiday.

Layout Share – Day Two Review

Here is another page that is going into the big 2017 Holiday album. I have made these ‘review’ type pages before and after looking at all the photos I wanted to include from our Washington leg of the trip I decided that this style was the best option. I also made a ‘day three’ page that I’ll share next week.

Day Two Review

Here’s the story –

Cosi for breakfast – caught the metro to Smithsonian – walked down the mall into natural history museum saw hope diamond – American flag, first lady clothes and china, bert and ernie and that DNA – melting ice-creams – sculpture garden – national archives. Gav – air and space, us – a walk past capitol and a tour of botanic garden. Back at hotel – a swim – that thunderstorm – chipotle – discussion of tomorrows plan – baseball and light out.

A few photos and a few key words was really all I felt this story needed. Our day is documented in a concise way, which I’ll need to work on other wise this trip will go into two albums, and all the facts in there. Sometimes less is more!