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December Daily® 2019 – Day Eight to Fourteen

Hi. Back to share more of this festive album. Hope you holiday season is going well. I’m trying to catch up on this album so I can finish and share it this year…… Let’s see how I go on with that!

Day 8 has a little reindeer from a chocolate lollipop that I got in my advent calendar. The words are about how a few years ago our go to shop for the advent gifts stopped making little chocolate treats and we were stumped at first as to what to fill the pockets with. But we have adjusted!

I simple added one sentence to those trees for day 9 and called it done.

Took this idea from Ali and stamped big for day 10.

There already was a flip up page set up for day 11 so I added my story and two photos in the flip up.

Sunrise and sunset.

Day 12 is spread over two pages the first is some words about my feelings that day.

And the second is a photo of two wreaths I made. I added that arrow paper clip and piece of gold foil transparency to hold the number.

For day 13 I have two stories. One is a view of the outside of our house. I added a label to the photo and typed the journalling. It smudged but that’s what happens and I’m ok with it.

The on the back of that tag I wrote the story for the other photo which is of the chest of drwaers in our bedroom all prettied up for Christmas.

And day 14 has a photo of us and my niece selecting treats from the advent calendar. It is a traditon of ours when she sleeps over in December. And on the other page Buddy sat in front of the fire while I wrote Christmas cards paired with an old card from a December kit.

Simple and done is the best with this album.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2019 – Day One to Seven

It is always the same story. December is flying by. But I’ve done a few pages of this years album and am here to share.

Some of the pages have altered from their original foundation and some are just the same.

My story for the 1st was the welcoming of a new family member. She actually arrived on the 30th November but I wanted to start my album off with this great news. Here she is with my sister.

For day 2 I added a photo of Gav doing a jigsaw puzzle and typed up the story adhering it to the side of the photo. Don’t mind that it has that orientation.

Day 3 is a photo of my Mum with the baby and my niece.

I added the story to the back of the half circle that page you can just see that in the day 4 photo below.

Day 4 was about wrapping gifts. I added a few words directly onto the photo.

Day 5 is a photo of me and Buddy trimming our little tree. I love this photo. I like getting myself in the story and love that I managed to catch him in it too. About 5 seconds after the timer snapped he moved and ended up out of the shot.

I used the back of the 5 card to add the journalling for the day with a bulleted list. Sometimes it’s good to get lots of the little details down rather than just one story. I find that when I look back it gives me a better idea of how December days are usually packed with many different things not just about Christmas.

Day 6 above is a photo of the hall all trimmed up. The photos are not great in this post, apologies for that!

I’d snapped this photo of Bud earlier in the day and decided to include on the back of the day 6 page.

Love the index tabs and that pooch living it up on the bed!

Remember my day 7 foundation page with that wire full of punched Christmas trees?

Well I decided to add photos to the page under the trees. I cut a slit into the sides of the photo and slid them into place. I re-adhered the 7.

It was a fun packed day which began with buying trees and went on to icing cookies with the girls.

We try to have a get together for crafting of some kind in December and its always a good day.

We wear silly head gear and Christmas jumpers!

And there we go. A few stories told. Hope your December is going well.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2019 – Cover and Foundation Pages

Thought I better share the foundation pages of my December Daily® album this year before the month arrives!

As usual I have made the cover pages from scratch and this year was inspired by Ali’s day 24/25 page from her 2019 foundation pages.

I adore this one! I know I always say that……

I’ve gone small again this year too. My album covers are about 5 1/2 inches by 6. For the foundation pages I used some trimmed down to size page protectors, some transparencies and some card stock.

A sweet book page tree that I found in my stash (made a couple of years ago) slipped into a page protector for day 1. Day 2 is on the back of the tree.

My hope is that I’ll complete this album before the end of the year…… So I’m going for simple. On day 1 and 2 I can slip a photo into the page and call it done if I want to go down that route.

Similarly with day 3 I can add a photo behind this half circle and journal on the back of the half circle. I stamped ‘counting down the days’ along the edge of the card by bending the stamp slightly to achieve a gentle curve. The stamp is from an old December Daily set.

I haven’t got photos of every day because I was struggling with light and this was my second attempt at photographing so I went with the decent-ish images I had.

I found this card front in my stash too. Some of the first Christmas cards I made were these punched trees twisted onto wire. I loved being able to add this left over one into my album this year.

More trees for day 9. I sewed hand cut vellum and paper trees to a piece of card and added a few dabs of glitter glue. Not sure how I’ll used this one, maybe journalling at the bottom of the card, but I really enjoyed playing.

A 4 x 6 card stamped with pine tree branches from a Tim Holtz set.

One of the ways to get more into these small albums is by using flip up or flip out pages. Here is one of those for day 11.

I used a card from an Ali Story Kit and attached the white card with washi tape along the top so it flips up.

A large tag is the base for day 12. I popped that adorable felt reindeer alongside to remind me to use it.

An old tag (I saved it from when we bought the chairs for the garden!) became the base of day 13. I’ll punch holes in the side to add it into the album.

Another page protector for day 14 with a card from a previous years December Daily mini kit.

Anyone who follows me here will know I like transparent elements in my albums (just the Ali does!) For day 15 I used another trimmed page protector and gold foam letters and numbers.

I will probably leave the pocket with the 15 empty but may add a photo under the twinkle.

ANother card from a story kit for day 18 along with a tag. Again I added that star circle, found among my stash, to remind me to use it. Think it goes really well with pattern on the card base.

When I begin to construct the foundation pages I always have a pile of things I want to use, like the embelishments I have added above. I also have treasured pieces of card, vellum and transparencies that I leave handy and try to incorporate. This satin sheen red card is one of those. I also wanted to use a circle again as a base. I added another old Ali stamp around the edge.

The card underneath is inspired by another page Ali has in her album this year. I used chipboard numbers from a her and added that ‘loving’ stamp from the December Daily stamp set.

A transparent flip up for day 21.

Believe it or not that transparency is an old Hambly screen print. I have about three sheets of different designs stashed away.

A simple beginning for day 22.

And one of my favourite pages to make for day 23.

I stitched the pockets and then added some tiny embellishments. That snowman is another find from my stash. He was stamped onto shrink plastic (remember that?!) and coloured in. So cute!

Always love to include and envelope.

And last of course day 25.

You saw the little tree at the beginning of the post. I tucked that into a cut down page protector which will be the first page of this day. in the image above you can see a pile of white and patterned card. I have made a concertina style pull out page and added a tab along the top.

I just need to punch holes and pop them all together in the album ready for day 1.

I love the nod to my previous crafty endeavours included here. I’m feeling all the feelings already. Thank goodness there’s only three days to go!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2018 – Day Fifteen to Day Twenty Five


Yes you read it right. 2018! I spent Saturday in the (virtual) company of Ali and the community of December Daily scrapbookers and it was great. It was a December Daily Prep Day where Ali popped into your computer for 12 instalments worth of ideas, inspiration and page layouts over a 12 hour period.

It got me excited for this years album but also reminded me that I didn’t share my finished 2018 one. So here is it. As I recall we’d made it up to day 14.

Day 15 saw Gav and I head off to London for the weekend. I used that glorious gold star transparency to hold the number 15.

There is a card from a past December Daily® kit and a cut down page protector with two pockets.

Used the diagonal lines to write my story. You can just see the photo I took of the sign that lives in St Martins Theatre showing the number of performances of The Mousetrap. 27,614…… It’s been going a long time. I went to see it with my friend (it isn’t Gav’s thing!)

Perhaps I should have added that not only was I thrilled to see it performed in London but that Mum and Dad also came to see it here many years ago. As an Agatha Christie fan it was lovely to be there in that theatre.

Day 16 and I wandered to Covent Garden while Gav went to a museum. I spotted the very Instagrammed green mini so snapped a photo too and paired it with a sweet card I made. Really love that embellishment tree!

We met up again and went along to a service at St Pauls Cathedral. This was a truly lovely hour. I kept the programme and simply folded it up to pop in the album.

Day 17 and a red envelope paired with a photo of the mantle.

I seem to have merged the story for day 18 and 19 together.

All about making little fabric bags that I used instead of crackers. I added photo of Buddy too as he was looking cute.

As I finished this album months afterwards I was running out of words but I was ok with that. I added the photos and called it good.

The Chewbacca stamp from a Christmas card envelope had to go in.

The photo below of me preparing got my words flowing again!

Day 24 and our usual trip to the cemetery followed by coffee.

I made my sis a Christmas tree quilt. She loved it.

Scenes of present opening and around the table completed my album for 2018.

Looking back I really enjoy the smaller format, fold out pages, clear pages. All my usual favourites and it’s good to see as I can get ideas of where to go this year. Yes indeed I am ready to get going the 2019 foundation pages!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Layout Share – Dream Like

My goodness. As I mention in my very brief journalling on the layout I have had this photograph sat waiting to be scrapped for years……. It was one of those photos that was too precious to put on the page…….. What if I hated the layout? Or the story? Or the …….

I don’t like that silly fear…… Let’s get real and remember it is only a scrapbook page and if you don’t like it print the picture again and make a new page! Writing that down so I can try and drum it into my head…

But I finally committed and made the page. And what do you know? I don’t like it. Ha, ha, ha.

But I’m ok with that.

Plus, not only am I not keen on the layout I’ve just noticed I haven’t finished the journalling or added one of the dates!

Here’s the story with those bits added –

This was the most perfect walk. I have been pondering scrapping it for many years. The snow was amazing. The streets were deserted and Buddy and I had the woods and park to ourselves. It was so quiet and peaceful. And the way the snow clung to the trees and branches was beautiful to see. A truly wonderful walk. (Ram Wood, Roundhay Park) Photo 1/12/10 – Words 2019

The thing about this story is that whatever I’d have written could not convey the memory in all its glory. I have a gut reaction when I look at the photo which takes me back to that moment. A reaction that I cannot capture in words. So in a way it didn’t matter what I wrote. Having the picture in my album will be enough to conjure that time again.

A good lesson to remember. Get the photo on the page!

Layout Share – Right at Home and Magic Memories

Sharing a couple of layouts and I think, I think these are the last of our 2017 trip. (But I’m sure I’ve said that before….!)

Right @ Home

Here’s the story –

The not so neat and tidy room we spent 10 days in. Loved this hotel and the themed rooms. Loved our 2 beds! Loved our time here by the water. Did not love the packing up. Why fo we (I) bring so much stuff? Gav asked H to put some in her cases. Now the 2 cases came in handy……

These photos fell into that category that many of my pictures fall into. I love them, glad I took them but are they scrap-able? In other words what is the story. I honed in on the room itself and the messy beds. This hobby is great for letting you find the quirky part of life as well as the more traditional.

Magic Moments

Here’s the story –

It was our last evening and we waited for the fireworks. It was worth the wait. They do a good pyrotechnic display! Main Street, Magic Kingdom, Disney World 2017.

Not many words are needed to express the joy of a firework display so I kept it simple.

Like I say I’m pretty sure that these are the last pages to share from that trip. But never fear I still have others layouts in the works and will be back to share them soon.

Layout Share – Disney Springs

More fun stories from our 2017 USA trip.

Disney Springs

Here’s the story –

The first time we went there we picked up the gift cards. The we went for that yummy burger in the rain.The we discovered Starbucks took your ‘snack’ well enough said. Gav and I made the trip there a couple more times. Lat minute gift buying and on our way to Jo-Ann’s. We really loved it for the wandering.

What I am seeing when I look at this layout is the plastic cups! EEK! What a difference a couple of years makes. Now I would not be getting a plastic cup or a straw! I know that’s not what I should be sharing when I supposed to be talking about scrapbooking….. However perspective is an interesting thing and something to learn from so I am glad that I see how I once behaved and how that is now different. Still loved going to this shopping centre even though we didn’t and wouldn’t now buy very much. The attractive thing about it was its calmness. Even though it was busy with people it was a calm and cooler place to wander.

Happy with this page, the story and the photos of us together.

Layout Share – Bouncing is what Tiggers do Best

Ah, good memories. Fun memories and slightly embarrassing ones too!

Bouncing is what Tiggers do Best

Here’s the story –

I sort of wanted to meet them but wasn’t going to bother as the ‘line’ was soooo long and it was soooo hot! But Bev and David said let’s do it. So we did. My, it was a long wait and the delightful duo went off to cool down a couple of times. One time as they walked back Winnie came right up to me and put his nose on my nose! I came over all giddy and blushed. That got a few laughs from all round. At last we made it to the front and had 30 seconds with the cute guys. I seemed to miss my hug with Tigger so I tapped him on the shoulder…… the resulting embrace almost knocked me over. Silly fella. It was such fun and so glad we waited to meet them. Thanks B & D for making us do it. 

I have to say that my Brother in Law did an amazing job on the photo front. I think we gave a cast member one of our phones too and having two folk snapping away gave us so many great shots. As I say it was so much fun. Love how this page turned out and happy that I resized my pictures to make them all fit. It’s also lovely to have that small one on the bottom left that came from the official photographer.

All in all a great experience.

Layout Share – Sing Along

Ah, memories….. Such fun was had when we went to the Frozen sing along at Hollywood Studios.

Sing Along

Here’s the story –

It is no surprise that I was up for a Frozen sing along but who knew that Gave would join in too! It was very funny and lovely too with the film clips and the ‘actors’. That’s something they do so well here. Take it to the next level. And then the snow at the end. All very emotional but excellent too.

I made this page a while ago. And now that I have typed out the journalling it’s one of the times I feel like starting again and telling the story better? No differently.

Here is what I should have written –

I hoped that I’d done the right thing booking us tickets for the Frozen sing along. Who knew what it would be like….. I was sure that I’d love it. But Gav? I needn’t have worried though because it seems that the Disney bug got him hook line and sinker because he was singing along with everyone else. It was amazing. The show was so funny, such a feel good factor and the snow at the end was perfect. The only down side was our little thirteen year old who did not join in the fun and just sat embarrassed at her parents and us two singing away at the top of our voices. Which of course made us sing even louder……… Poor child! Gav and I tried to go and see it again but we’d just missed the last performance. Never mind I’m sure we will get back one of these days to sing along again. 

Ah. That’s much better. It makes me feel all happy to have that written down. I will definitely be adding this over the top of the original paragraph.

And of course it’s making me excited to get back there later in the year! Such fun!

Layout Share – MLK

Oh my goodness like I said last time there are more……..


Here’s the story –

Gav and I were excited to see this memorial to Martin Luther King. It had been many years in the making. Those three came along of course. I loved that Hannah took photos even though she didn’t know who he was. I’m sure she will one day. It was good to see it and it was a lovey tribute to him. And funny story….. 3 US girls offered H $10 to take their photo and she took it! Bless her and bless MLK.

I have been making this page for a long time. I go through phases like that where I start lots of layouts but don’t finish them off. But I’m glad it’s done and in the album now.

I need to get a move on with these layouts other wise we will be back from another US adventure and I won’t have documented this one!