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A whirlwind 22 hours


Strange title but it hits the nail on the head.

Gav and I are very lucky to have a great relationship with my younger niece. She loves to come and visit and we love her to. She is on her Easter holidays and came for a sleepover last Sunday night.

Here’s what we go up to in those 22 hours –

  • Trip to Hobbycraft to buy stretched canvases
  • Made pizza sauce and ate homemade pizza
  • Watched The Martian (excellent film btw)
  • Made Minion cupcakes
  • Read books
  • Made scrambled eggs
  • Ate grapes
  • Ate Dragon fruit (we have a goal to try new fruit)
  • Copied a Mondrian painting
  • Found frog spawn in the flooded part of the wood
  • Saw a heron
  • Moved logs
  • Took photos
  • Ate soup
  • Got really muddy
  • Had lots of fun!









Really love having ordinary adventures with that girl and we love her so.

A little update


We have been having technical trouble over here the last week or so. And now to make matters worse I have a stinker of a cold.

So I thought till normal posting returns I’d share a cute photo of Buddy. We went away last week and ate at a lovely hotel/pub in Orford called the Crown and Castle. They have a table for customers with pooches and set up a little blanket and water bowl for the dogs! And the food was excellent too with a menu for vegetarians. Win, win!

Be back soon I hope with the final installment of Photo a Day for last year and an update on the Click Tick list.

First snow of 2016


It happened a couple of weeks ago. My favourite winter thing apart from Christmas. The white stuff came.

It was a Saturday and I’d set off to meet a friend for a pizza. It was trying to snow as we went into the restaurant but I thought the ground was far too wet for it to settle. We were so surprised to emerge a couple of hours later to a blanket of wonderful snow.

I got her safely home and headed back to Leeds, we’d met up in Ilkley which is out into the countryside about 15 miles from where I live. The roads were coated and there was hardly any traffic. I took it very steady and marveled at the scenes I drove through. It was that perfect, perfect snow that clings magically to branches and lights up the sky.

My tyre tracks.


And the view from our bedroom window.


I kept getting out of bed just to stare at it. Yep, I love snow that much. I especially liked how it had stuck to the telephone cables.

The following morning brought a little melting but the trees were still dressed in their coats of snow so I grabbed this photo. It was just beginning to get light but looked so much brighter because of that white cover.


Only the day before I had snapped some sunny shots in the garden. Here are a couple of comparisons.





And that poor old daffodil.


And let’s not forget about someone else who quite likes the snow.


It was the perfect weekend. It snowed on Satruday evening and was gone by Monday morning. Brief but beautiful and I’m so glad it came.

Looking forward to……


  • Finishing planting all the spring bulbs.
  • A week away in out favourite cottage.
  • Making the cover for my December Daily® Album.
  • Taking part in the December Daily® class over here.
  • Watch 8 Films in November – my last attempt.
  • The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – part 2.
  • Getting Christmas inspiration early and being organised. (Every year I say this, is this going to be the year I do it?)
  • Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. (Squeeeee)

What are you looking forward to?

The Post box quest continues…..


Here is a bit of an unusual one.

A few weeks before we went to London with my younger niece I did a little research to see if I could find any unusual post boxes to add to the collection. I found a couple and plotted them on the Google map we were using for the trip.


It’s in Kensington and we wandered along to see it after we’d been to the Science Museum. It’s a Penfolds Victoria box. Apparently replicas of this style of box were made in the 1980’s and although I didn’t spot a replica plate on the base I’m not sure if this one is a replica or an original. Either way though I like the quirky design made by John Penfold that first came into production around 1866.


Acanthus leaves and a bud of the plant decorate the ‘cap’ of the box. I love Acanthus and they do give a very Victorian type of look.

I bought a postcard with the intention of posting it but we didn’t have a stamp!

Fabric, fabric, fabric……


In all the time I have been coming to the US this was the first year I set foot in a Jo-Ann’s. And all I have to say is wow! Why don’t we have this in the UK?


Every aisle off to the left of this picture had fabric in it. I mean every sort of material you could name was right here in this shop. Amazing.


I guess we are not makers as much in England as they are here? I gathered a few rolls together to see what they’d look like and I went for a totally different colour scheme than is my usual go to. I may have gone a little crazy….

There it all is in my basket. And you can just see a little doggie print right at the bottom of the pile. I couldn’t that one for a certain pooch.


Can’t wait to get cutting that fabric for a new quilt and to make Bud a new throw too. Woot!

Post box quest continues…..

Its been a while since I found a new post box, here is my original post about this odd little quest of mine. I remembered seeing photos of the so called anonymous post boxes on some of the web sites I read when I originally looked into all the different styles but hadn’t spotted one until the recent trip to Filey with my neice.


It’s anonymous because there is no Royal cypher or the words ‘post office’ on the front of the box. These were made in 1879 and it took 13 years before this design was changed again.

Love adding new boxes to the collection.



Letting my new haircut grow on me (pun intended!)

Hoping my recent trip to the dentist works out for the best. I really really dislike the dentist and I decided to be brave and have a filling before our up-coming holiday.

Loving the delights a walk down the garden brought tonight. A bat, a  Song Thrush singing its heart out, an amazing crescent moon and a stripy pink sunset.

Planning and sorting out final details for holiday stuff.

Watching the World Championship Snooker on tv.

Meditating almost every night. Hope to do a post about our meditating journey so far soon.

Making a wedding card for my nephews big day.

Buying too many little toiletries bags. I read this and was sold on the idea.

Looking forward to using my new Kipling bag.

Photo a Day – week two


Tea and coffee and cake. Mmmmm……


They let pooches into the Painswick Rococo Gardens! This was in one of the many little buildings throughout the garden.


The National Memorial Arboretum. (Something else I can cross off the list!)


The early morning sun is a magnet to me.


Popped to the shops at lunchtime and wanted to document the pineapple, yogurts, wearing a skirt! And that I have a pair of socks in my handbag?!


This is what happens while I’m at work eh?


Another sunny morning. Me thinks those pots need a good scrub.


Week two done.

Make something ugly


I read and listen to a lot about creativity. Blogs, magazines, t.v shows, podcasts. Making things weaves its way in and out of my day in one form or another.

One of the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately is Elise gets Crafty over here. There was one particular episode recently that had me thinking. Elise was talking to an author and fellow creative called Kim Werker (it’s episode 32 in the 2014 season.) I found their discussion and Kim’s concept of making something ugly a wonderful idea. You can’t fail. They say this in the episode – if you set out to make something ugly and you end up making something pretty it’s not a fail is it? Win win. Yay.

It’s all about how you set about the task at hand and the problem I have and I’m guessing I am not alone here, is the pressure I put on myself to make it right the first time.

Truth be told I have made plenty of ugly things along my creative lifetime. But most of the time I am afraid to try because I might make something terrible. So I don’t make anything.

I don’t start because I may fail.

And then if I do take a risk and try, but it doesn’t work out I’ll be less likely to try it again. That’s crazy. It is a very rare thing in this life that we get something new right the first time. So why should a creative ‘thing’ be any different? Why do we make different rules for our creative endeavor’s?

Here is a little story along similar lines.

In my quest to be creative at least once a week I tried to make this painting. I covered my canvas in black (I quite liked it just black….) and then left for a few days too terrified to put the white on. Well, when I did feel brave enough I splodged on the white and immediately hated it. I stared down at the mess I’d made and started erasing the image I’d tried to make by scraping the white all over the canvas so that I could use it for something else.

I abandoned the little canvas on my desk.


A few days later Gav was printing something, the printer is in my room. I was in there too trying to tidy it up a bit and I picked up the canvas to tuck it out of the way somewhere and he said ‘that’s really good by the way, probably the best thing you’ve done, bet you could sell that.’

Well I was a little shocked. He doesn’t often volunteer comments let alone compliments about my arty stuff. My immediate reaction was to laugh and ask if he was joking. I was shocked that he thought I’d made it intentionally. So instead of saying thanks and feeling proud and happy for the compliment I explained it was a cast off, a mistake, a work in progress. I can’t remember his reply, but I’m pretty sure he was reminding himself never, ever to comment on something I’d made again! Way to go Mel!

About  twenty-four hours later that I realised my error in not simply saying thanks and accepting his praise. Taste in art, and most things, is so personal. But I have reevaluated and I can accept that he likes the canvas so I should like it right? Even if I think it’s ugly.

Anyway, I have rambled on and on and forgotten what my original point was. So I’ll stop rambling because I have a canvas to hang!