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A Review of 2019

Back in January I shared a list of things I was going to do (or try to do) in 2019. I am in the mood for reflection so here goes……

One Little Word® – I followed along with the prompts of this project for almost every month. Although I loved my word and still know the power of it I felt it didn’t fully meet my hopes. Or I didn’t fully realise my hopes with it. I will be choosing a word for 2020 but I have made the decision not to join in with the project via Ali’s site. I am going to go back over the content of the past 5 years and try to do the project on my own. We will see how that works out!

Yoga and the 30 day challenge with Adriene. I did indeed do yoga throughout the month of January and joined her on youtube. I kept up a good practice until about May when I spend more time off the mat than on. I’m still going to a yoga class but not doing it at home. For 2020 I’ll be taking up this practice again.

I did indeed finish December Daily 2018 even though it was in November!

I crossed seven things off the click tick list. Not a very successful year on that front even though seven is a decent number. Most of the things crossed off were planned trips etc. I didn’t make any special efforts to achieve anything and that is annoying! But maybe 2020 is the year for that?

I did finish 2018 Project Life and I did have fun adventures with my family in Portugal.

I also finished the 2017 scrapbook of our USA trip and grew lots of flowers and veg.

The books thing was not a total success. I did whittle down my pile by deciding I just wasn’t going to read some of the books on it. I also read three new books that I loved. This needs more attention in 2020 as I think I only read about ten all year!

Gav, Han and I had a fabulous trip to London and I arranged lots of flowers and took many photographs too. I also did the hobbies thing as well.

Disney was amazing and I spent many hours laughing!

All in all it was a great year. Ups and downs like all years.

Anyone who has been here a while knows I like a list. I liked looking back at that list I made in January. Not everything was crossed off but having a list focusses my mind. I have already been pondering the up coming year. How to get things done, how to tweak my habits and routines to achieve the things that matter right now.

Many things that were on that list in January are ongoing things of my life. I can’t imagine, for example, not flower arranging or not creating all manner of things with my other hobbies. I will always read even if some years are lighter in volume that others. What I want to focus on are some things that I should be doing and some things that I need to be doing.

I’ll come back and share more on this in 2020 but for now I’ll sign off and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Sock Darning and the Bigger Picture

What?! I hear you cry. You are darning socks? As in mending something?

Yes. I have started to darn some of my socks. But read on because I decided it wasn’t simply about darning…..

Way back in my memory I remember seeing a little wooden mushroom, just like the one in the photo, at my Grandmas house. It was what they did. They mended things.

We don’t do that anymore do we? Well the majority of the UK does not I can guarantee that! I had accumulated a pile of beloved socks, not very old that all had holes in the soles or heels and I could not bring myself to throw them away. I did three things. I vowed never to buy these socks again as clearly they are not meant to last, I watched a you tube tutorial on darning and I bought the mushroom. It’s a work in progress but I am rather pleased with myself. And if I get another winter out of them then so much the better.

It is a small thing to undertake, but the idea of cherishing our clothes enough to mend them? Well if only we all did that it could be the gateway to realising how damaging consumerism is.

We try to do our bit in this house. We grow our own veg and flowers. We have a hybrid car. We compost. We walk places. We buy veg from an organic box scheme. We recycle. We have a Sodastream! (the most fun thing ever!) to cut down on plastic bottles. We have water bottles. I don’t buy clothes much at all and I do go to charity shops.

We are not perfect and I know all our holidays have an impact. But as I keep seeing on instagram ‘We don’t need a few people do it perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly’.

And with that in mind I’m going to download the Refill app that tells you where you can refill your water bottle for free when you’re out and about. And then take Buddy for a walk.

And when I get back I might just darn another sock!

Checking in this Tuesday

Hello. I am still here! Had a crazy week last week as I was away with family and then we were looking after my niece and pooches at my sisters house.

Her house is like my home from home but living there is simply not like living at home. Very strange but true. I don’t know how folk cope with kids and pets! Hence the lack of blogging I didn’t have the time…..

Couldn’t help share the photo of my nephews Dalmatian. She is lovely most of the time except when she is chasing squirrels!

Hello 2019

It seemed fitting to include the photo of a bright white newly opened Helleborus niger as the start of this post.

A new beginning, a fresh start. That is what a new year is supposed to be isn’t it. Yet every year I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I get it and on the other I’m clinging onto the festive season, the indulgence, the extra ‘doing nothing’ time.

Instead of rambling on about that I’m going to share some of the things I’m hoping to do this year!

  • Started One Little Word® more on my word to come.
  • Joining in with Adriene and her 30 day Yoga Challenge
  • Finishing December Daily®
  • Cross at least 8 things off my Click Tick List! I think is is possible for me to get all these numbers crossed off –  11, 12, 14, 24, 25, 36, 76, 81, 83, 88, 94, 95, 96, 98 and 99! Wish me luck……
  • Completing 2018 Project Life and start this years album. May change it up a bit but still love this project so want to carry on with it.
  • Go adventuring with family to Portugal.
  • Complete our 2017 scrapbook.
  • Grow flowers and vegetables.
  • Carry on doing all the hobbies! I began three new ones last year and have started weaving again..
  • Read books and try to either read or get rid of that huge pile of ‘to be read’ ones.
  • Go to London with Gav and Han.
  • Arrange flowers.
  • Experience the magic of Disney World and a mini road trip in the USA.
  • Take photographs.
  • Laugh at lot.

Okay enough of the crazy rambling list making! Let’s get on with it.

Timely Reminder

I’ve just read a wonderful post over here. I adore this blog, her outlook on life, her words, her photos.

It made me feel like I needed to write something today so here I am.

The day did not start as planned. We were out last night at Gav’s uncles Diamond Wedding Anniversary do. Diamond Wedding! Consequently we were home late and I slept in. I hate sleeping in (actually I LOVE sleeping in!) because the rest of the day seems over too quickly somehow and I end up shortening our morning walk so I can get home for that first cup of coffee. Then while Bud and I were walking our shortened walk I got a text from my older niece to say she was visiting my Mum with our newest addition, my great niece, so the walk was shortened even more and off I went to see them all.

I got my first cup of coffee there while I watched this 11 month old walking and laughing and being so crazily stubborn about going all those places she shouldn’t. Looking quizzically at an old toy phone my Mum brought out then at a mobile and wondering what the old one was. Technology eh? She doesn’t recognise an old phone! Anyway, it was an hour of loveliness and a timely reminder to live and love and enjoy even on days that don’t begin quite as we’d hoped.

Happy Sunday!

Currently – Spring 2018

Yesterday we had the hottest day of the year. When the weather turns I always feel the same. I may have felt lethargic and festered all winter but then one day when the breeze is warm and the light is right I am ready. This is one of the reasons I love living in a country with definite seasons. I’m sure I’ve said it many times before but I love the seasons.

So with my new found energy what am I up to in this year of 2018?

  • Sowing lots of flower and vegetable seeds.
  • Waiting for a trip to the World Snooker Championships next week!
  • Anticipating a visit to Harrogate flower show again.
  • Watching Baseball.
  • Hoping to cross at least four things of my list this year. What will they be??
  • Practicing yoga and One Little Word®.
  • Trying to eat more healthily.
  • Walking more. I really slipped this winter with my 10k steps to getting back on that feels good.
  • Making a list of vinyl to look out for at charity shops.
  • Planning a family trip to see the Terracotta Warriors.

That should keep me busy this summer!

Looking forward to…….

(The photo has nothing whatsoever to do with this post but I mean c’mon…….)

We are looking forward to the Winter Olympics. The winter games have a place in our hearts more than the summer games do. We love the curling! It all started in 2006 when the U.K ladies were defending their title. We were decorating our bedroom and set a little T.V up in there so we could watch all the matches. We also like the scary luge, skeleton and bobsleigh events and four years ago we really go into the snowboarding too!

We are going to read two books a month, at least. Gav’s joining me on this quest. The stacks of book to be read are crazy right now so we need to do something about them. Last year was possibly my slowest reading year since 2012. I need to work on this.

We are going to see The Last Jedi again tonight! We had a big family outing the week in between Christmas and New Year to see this long awaited movie and we both loved it so a return trip is in order.

I have a new One Little Word®. PRACTICE. More to come on this.

I am taking part in the 30 day yoga challenge over here. I have been doing a little yoga since May last year. I don’t feel like I have improved physically but I know my mind loves this practice and I like the way she teaches so thought it would be good to give a challenge a go.

We are going to start learning a new song in our mini band soon. H, Gav and I have been learning ‘No Surprises’ by Radiohead for a few months. We haven’t perfected it but it is time to try something new.

We are looking through all the seed catalogues and getting excited for another growing season. I need to have a search through all my flower photos to see what was a success last year. So adore growing things!

Just a few things to think about as we get into this year of 2018!

2017 – A Review in Pictures (and Some Words!)

An amazing trip to NYC to celebrate my 5oth birthday. it snowed on the big day and I got to walk in central park in the snow on my birthday!

Went on an adventure for sixteen days with these lot.

Witnessed a total eclipse which was truly amazing.

Welcomed a new life to the family.

Saw four generations together.

Played family rounders.

Grew things.

Arranged flowers.

Took part in the 100 day project.

Walked with my word Light.

Left a job I loved.

Found two more jobs and picked the wrong one…… lasted a week! Spent December unemployed but LOVED having all the time in the world for festive things.

I’m sat here today and on the one hand I feel panicky because I need to find a job and that is tainting my fabulous year but on the other hand I know this is just a blip. I will be okay, we will be okay and I must celebrate this wonderful year of 2017.

In that positive note I will say bring on three more months of my big birthday year and let’s get to making things happen in 2018……..

December Daily® – Day Six, Seven and Eight

The month is ticking away and I’m still catching up but here are a few more days.

Here is day six and seven from my foundation pages.

I filled the top 4×4 pocket with a picture of my niece trimming my Mum’s tree. The light was poor so I changed into black and white. I added the six to a punched black circle and hand wrote my story leaving the bottom pocket empty because of the transparency the previous day.

I added a photo of me in our porch to the cardstock page opposite. Didn’t add any words apart from a label sticker.

On the back of the cardstock I decided to add a list of all the Christmas films I watch throughout the month. I have typed the details onto patterned paper trimmed and adhered to the page. I love keeping a record of these things.

Opposite I added a large photo of our Christmas bedding. Again I didn’t add much of a story just a little washi tape and a label.

My intention was to have the page fill the space there fully but as ordered these prints from a local photo place and the cost of a 9 x 7 print was so much more than an 8 x 6. I couldn’t justify the cost.

The back of that large photo is another large photo and makes up the left side of day seven.

My sister grabbed that shot of me and my tree. Loved going to buy it with her. That is what my story was all about on the 3 x 4 card at the top right. I used two tree motif cards in the other pockets both from the mini kit I bought.

I’d already stitched the hand cut felt star to a page and decided to use it here.

Also love documenting the cost of the tree and where we bought it from so that label was added to the 4 x 6 card.

You can see what day eight and nine looked like originally here.

Id already moved the tree card and the cardstock page and was left with a three pocket page protector.

Added a photo of my Mum in our kitchen helping me bake cakes and a story on that lovely pink card above. The ‘baking day’ stamp is from an older Ali Edwards stamp set.

Okay there we go back with more soon.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

The Post Box Quest – London 2017

It went a little bit like this when Gav, H and I were in London this summer…..

Me – ‘Oooo, there’s a post box over there.’ (Makes to cross road.)

Them – ‘Ugh.’ (Eye rolling and general ‘not another one’ faces!)

Followed by….

Me – ‘But look…..oh, that looks like one I haven’t seen before.’ (Crosses road abandoning them.)

Them – ‘Ugh.’ (Dragging feet and following on behind me.)

Poor things! My enthusiasm for looking at letter boxes hasn’t diminished and I did indeed find ones new to me. The one above is a double slot box with the cypher of VR for Queen Victoria on the side of the box not the front as it usually is.

This one has that directional sign fitted to the top.

And this one is a double Edward VII

The one below was covered in stickers as you can see. I have ‘edited’ the picture to remove some of them! But I had to take a photo because it had a strange ring on the top and it shows how some boxes had Royal Mail on them as well as the cypher.

And finally an anonymous box near the V and A Museum. These boxes had no Royal cypher and the aperture of this one was higher than most right up against the rim of the cap.

It is also smaller and apparently caused problems with letters getting stuck.

Whether my companions enjoyed my post box adventures or not I had fun spotting new post boxes to add to my collection. Oh yes I know I’m a geek!


You can see my other blog posts about some of the post boxes I’ve found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.