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Photo a Day – Week Twenty One and Twenty Two

Another couple of weeks to share.

Enjoying his naps.


And more produce from the garden.

A wonderful sunset sky as I took Buddy round the block.

Someone is happy with his borrowed cement mixer.

Just happened to have the big camera with me when I spotted a little Robin resting on the fence. I think he was warm hence his beak open, or hungry!

Perfect Sunday morning.

A cluster of winged things on the Echinops.


The apple tree is looking great.

Pretty light on this Scabious.

Turned blackberries into dessert.

Lovely hover flies on the Asters.


On a weekend morning when the skies are blue and the weather is kind enough to let us sit outside Gav and I play this silly game where we try and guess where a plane is going. A few weekends ago I got two right! Ha. Just luck but it is fun and makes us laugh.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Nineteen and Twenty

Another couple of weeks.

This was mid June and we hadn’t had rain for a few weeks. You can see the lawn going brown. But apart from the lack of rain I have been trying to embrace the heat. Early mornings are best.

And that sunshine has been giving us great crops of most things.

Walk before work.

Not a great photo compositionally but that blue against the burnt orange sunflower was too good to miss.

More tomatoes.

This amazing moth came to grab a snack while I was sat daydreaming. Managed to capture some video and photos. I’ve tried to identify but the images are not clear enough and there are a lot of brown moths!

Beautiful and delicious cake at friends.

Pretty little sunflower.

Evidence that H and I sat outside for breakfast after her sleepover.

Walking to work. Love the cobbles.

Reflections. Probably shouldn’t have my phone out while filling the car!

Then it was our annual trip to London with H. This is Seven Dials roundabout. I love this area and this meeting of seven streets.

Been waiting years for her to be old enough to hire the bikes!

Handed the big camera over to her on Sunday morning. She did okay.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Eighteen

Amazing sky to start the week.

Garden alterations are coming along.

Could we possibly get a Pear from this tree?

Sun lover.

I bought Gav this knot book after we stayed in a hotel that had a huge display of knots in a glass case and he couldn’t stop looking at them. Bad measuring for my latest hobby provided him with an endless supply of rope…..

Light and pretty flowers.

Filling in the final result of our World Cup wall chart.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Seventeen

This week I thought I’d write more about the photos, those little details that I might not remember from just the image.

The story of no rain. We have been without rain here in Leeds for about three weeks. Amazingly it was 1976 when this last happened! Watering those plants has to be done.

The story of my dusty floor! But not really. This is the continuous story of how much this fella means to us, how we give him his kong full of treats if we leave him in the house and how he crosses his little paws and cocks his ears. Also of course that I put the big camera on the floor and set the timer to get this photo. Keep trying new things.

The story of my one little word. Practice. I have abandoned this for much of the year. It happens but I picked up the macro lens and tried to practice my skills with it in the bright sunshine.

The story of letting some things go. Sometimes I have a plan of things for us to do when she comes for tea. Most of the time these days she’s not interested and I need to go with that flow. Gav brought out his nano block shuttle model to build and it went down a treat with all of us that afternoon. So chill Mel and ride whatever wave comes along.

The story of a surprise harvest of potatoes. Gav always grows a few in bags for an earlier crop but we have been stricken with blight so didn’t expect many. It was a lovely sight as a good crop of golden spuds fell out of the bag.

The story of family. My great nieces first birthday party. A garden full of people I’ve known for many years and some I hardly know at all. The joy, the laughter.

The story of summer salads and new to us Orzo pasta. The Emma Bridgewater bowl and purple napkins. How I like to cook more in the summer time and eat outside.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen

Still playing catch up.

Cannot resist a stick or in this case a piece of wood he found in the garage after sneaking in and rootling around.

Been waiting for these beautiful Sweet William ‘Sooty’ to flower. I bought them as mini plants last summer because I couldn’t find the seed for this particular variety. After a bit more searching on the internet I found seeds so hopefully I’ll have lots next summer.

At last, new growth on our little Christmas tree.

Lemon and poppy seed cupcakes. Yum.

June drop. It’s one of those things that happens to apple trees, a natural process of shedding some of the fruit so that the ones left can mature with plenty of space. Even though I know the reason for it happening I hate to see it.

Photos of the bees, always.

Me and the fantastic harvest of Sweet Williams.

On to the next week….

We have been having the most incredible sunny spell for weeks now and although this artichoke looks perfect the plant got blown about it the wind and because the soil is so dry it just fell over. We staked it but the hearts were dried out. Still pretty though.

I love feta cheese!

We did amuse ourselves both playing Boules and taking this picture!

Lovely sunset on the longest day.

I see you.

A walk in the country.

The froth og alchemilla mollis.

And one more week to get us up to date.

Managed to make a perfectly runny poached egg for our seasonal treat.

Still messing about with the camera and focus distances using the self timer. Not quite there yet.

Pasta pesto salad.

Man at work…….

Sleepover which included making pizza.

And lemon cheesecake the next day!

Rescued this Ringlet butterfly from the greenhouse and he sat there long enough for me to grab a photo.

And there we go all caught up.

Photo a Day – Week Twelve and Thirteen

Still playing catch up…….

Preparations for sweet pea planting.

A trip to the seaside and some camera timer fun!

Light on Clematis.

Fav plant, fav buzzy thing!

A reflective moment.


Adorable pooch.

And again……

This area of the garden is getting an overhaul soon!

Another lunchtime in the gardens at Roundhay Park.

Making dream catchers.

Gav and I went to London. This is the view from the Tate over the Thames to St Pauls.

We did a lot of climbing steps that weekend. Here we were at the top of St Pauls Cathedral.

Love a sign. I assume this is an old one still in use at the tube station.

And there we go. Not quite caught up but getting there.

Photo a Day – Week Ten and Eleven

Playing catch up…..

Blossom under our feet.

Love this greenhouse.

A trip to the park in my lunch hour.

Pondering music……

The UK asparagus arrived!

Hawthorn blossom against that blue sky.

Avocado, tomato and scrambled on homemade toast. And a pretty plate from Emma Bridgewater of course.

Picking a few things for a vase.

Tuned into NASA TV for a rocket launch.

Another visit to the park. This time with Buddy early one morning and a wander past the gardens which include some medal winning entries from national flower shows.

Lots of family things this week. Here the newest member of our family is showing her great Nana how pushing is done!

Blurry but still beautiful.

Me, my sister, my niece and my great niece!

Reflections of me and Bud in the local florists window.

And there we go.

Photo a Day – Week Nine

Here are another week of photos. I was joining in with Ali Edwards Week in the Life. Not sure if I’ll make an album but I did enjoy trying to capture different things in pictures this week. Usually more of me. Ha!

And I got the big camera out every day. Gotta love what that big camera can do!

But sometimes the phone is easier to hold over you head to get stuff like this one.

And this one, which was a new adventure for me. We have the amazing Roundhay Park near where I live and work. We also have two huge expanses of grass or playing fields just outside the park called Soldiers’ Field (because this is where soldiers gathered in the First World War.) Anyway I wandered up to sit among the trees and green on my lunch break and it was lovely. Got steps in getting there and some reading too.

Here is one with the big camera. Always the bees right!

And always this fella.

Our eating apple tree had the most amazing blossom this year. Hope we get half as many apples as flowers. As with many flowers at the moment they were gone just a few days later because of wind and a colder snap. So fingers crossed that some got the bee treatment.

It is usually only during WITL that I take selfies like this one. It took a few tries but I like how it turned out.

And that was that.

Photo a Day – Week Eight

A week of the garden.

Pretty sky over the greenhouse.

Honey bees are not discerning!

Okay well maybe.

Not yet!

My fav spot with Tulips this time.

Another day another honey bee.

Gav did us proud with his bulb planting last autumn. This little area is a spring dream.

And there we have it.

Photo a Day – Week Seven

Another week, another seven photos.

What is it about plastic? Little tinker he is!

I’m going to update the click tick list soon because it’s been a while since I wrote it and a few things need to come off and a couple be added. The place in the photo below is the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield and every April it plays host to the World Snooker Championships. Last week Gav and I went to see a session of snooker there. I have wanted to do that for about thirty years so I think it should have been on my list! It was just a good as I’d hoped, the theatre is small and the atmosphere excellent (if you like snooker that is!)

Men at work…..

A glorious sunny day and I did my favourite thing and took a cup of coffee outside to wander the garden.

Lovely Tulipa ‘menton.’

Trying to keep up the practice of taking selfies.

Thanks, yes I’ll have my glasses back please. For goodness sake how cute is she!

And that was that.