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Looking forward to…….

(The photo has nothing whatsoever to do with this post but I mean c’mon…….)

We are looking forward to the Winter Olympics. The winter games have a place in our hearts more than the summer games do. We love the curling! It all started in 2006 when the U.K ladies were defending their title. We were decorating our bedroom and set a little T.V up in there so we could watch all the matches. We also like the scary luge, skeleton and bobsleigh events and four years ago we really go into the snowboarding too!

We are going to read two books a month, at least. Gav’s joining me on this quest. The stacks of book to be read are crazy right now so we need to do something about them. Last year was possibly my slowest reading year since 2012. I need to work on this.

We are going to see The Last Jedi again tonight! We had a big family outing the week in between Christmas and New Year to see this long awaited movie and we both loved it so a return trip is in order.

I have a new One Little Word®. PRACTICE. More to come on this.

I am taking part in the 30 day yoga challenge over here. I have been doing a little yoga since May last year. I don’t feel like I have improved physically but I know my mind loves this practice and I like the way she teaches so thought it would be good to give a challenge a go.

We are going to start learning a new song in our mini band soon. H, Gav and I have been learning ‘No Surprises’ by Radiohead for a few months. We haven’t perfected it but it is time to try something new.

We are looking through all the seed catalogues and getting excited for another growing season. I need to have a search through all my flower photos to see what was a success last year. So adore growing things!

Just a few things to think about as we get into this year of 2018!

The quest for a self timed photo


I think about photos a lot. You probably worked that out about me! During our trip to the US in 2008 I began a tradition. I realised that we were not in any photos together. Here we were on our first crazy jam-packed road trip and we had no evidence of us together standing in front of landmarks and famous attractions.


So I started looking for a spot to put the little point and shoot camera, set the self timer and run back into the shot to join Gav for our photo together. The funny thing was though that very helpful folk always offered to take the shot for us and although there is nothing wrong with handing your camera over to a helpful stranger I really wanted to be self-sufficient and develop a strategy for grabbing a shot anywhere, busy with people or not.


It turned into a bit of a challenge for us, trying to get the shot taken before anyone asked to help us out. We had quite a few laughs, aborted photo ops and blurry pictures along the way.



I’ve carried this tradition on during all of our holidays since and I have scrapped lots of the self timed photos too but this year I seemed to be obsessed with the quest and took the most self timed shots ever.


The ones in this post are the pick of the crop. They are not perfect but they are all ours and they tell their own story as well as adding to this one I’ve told here today.



The lesson? Make sure you get all of you  in the frame whether it’s two of you or twenty two.

Week in the Life – Sunday photos

Hello and welcome to the final day of photographs in this week in the life.

Same old same old at breakfast time. Coffee, porridge  and the laptop.

Went off into town in the morning then called on my Mum.

Back home for lunch and lazing about. It’s still raining out there!

Computer time is all the time in this house!

Started a new book. This will be number eleven.

And that was it. A week in our lives.

Looking forward to pondering the format the album will take. More on that later. But I am glad it has come to an end. And I know Gav is!

But I am so glad I did it. Thanks Ali. And everyone who’s popped in this week.

Back tomorrow for the usual weekly layout post – it will be seventeen weeks! How the year is flying.

Week in the Life – wednesday photos

First things first – get bread going.

Next – walk Bud.

Feed the birds and then catch Buddy as he waits for my return.

Another day another cup pattern! And a healthy breakfast.

Good morning greeting for Gav. 

Lunch at work.

Attack of the socks.

Cooking and watching for fall out scraps.


Finishing a book and a snack.


And that was day three in this week in our lives.

Around here


Around here I’m still taking photos of Buddy always a willing subject as long as he has a ball to destroy.

Around here I’m thinking about Week in the Life and if I should jump aboard or not. Here are a couple of pages from 2010

Around here I can’t decide which topping to have for toast so I have all three. Honey – from next doors bees, jam and PB.

Around here the sun was shinning on Monday and Tuesday and I went out to dig. 

Around here we are in full baseball swing.

That’s Gav and my niece. They just happened to be both wearing their Mets shirts yesterday!

The dark side?

Remember I was rambling on about Baseball and how Gav and I were so excited to have signed up to the MLB.TV and how the season was going to be great.

Well it is great, sort of great. Apart from the Mets not doing so good, it’s great. Having access to all the scheduled games means we can watch who we want when we want, even from the archives of past games so we can catch up with games that are played too late at night for us UK guys to watch.

But, you knew one was coming right?

But, the little hard drive Gav bought to watch the baseball through the tv wasn’t very good and we were experiencing breaking up pictures all the time. So that got ditched and we had to make do with an old tower unit that sounded like it was about to take off and it was just a tad ugly sat on the tv unit.

So unbeknown to me the search for a substitute little box was on. Of course he found just the thing and MLB were signed up to the software\hardware whatever ware, so it was perfect. Through the little box you can watch the games on your normal tv. The only problem? It’s made by Apple. Bummer.

Now just to clarify. According to my dear husband he really doesn’t dislike Apple but would not buy a Mac it’s all some computer geek reason why he just ‘aint an Apple man.  And that’s okay. I think you are either \ or but never both. That’s men for you. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a Mac is the cost.

Anyway his veto on Apple products doesn’t apparently extend to ipods and now it seems little tv gadgets because he bought the flipping thing and it arrived today.

The minute he had half a second to spare he set it up and (thank goodness) removed the noisy tower unit.

So here is the little box.

Quite impressive, no? Oh wait, let me zoom out so you can see the scale of the little machine.

Now that is impressive. Teeny and quiet and rather sexy – as black plastic boxes go that is. And wait there’s more. The remote control……


Even me, the utter tech hater has to admit that this remote is rather amazing. And look how skinny it is.

Wow. Cool. How do they do it?

So it seems we have gone over to the dark side. Well okay, maybe just a smash and grab?

We did

Yesterday was our third anniversary.

We had lived together for 15 years already when we decided to tie the knot.

For most of those 15 years we have visited a small stretch of coastline in Northumberland running from Bamburgh to Craster. This place has a special place in out hearts. On a recommendation from friends Gav and I went camping there and fell in love with the varied coastline from rugged rocky stretches to swathes of golden beaches. Truly breath-taking. We have holidayed somewhere along that coast nearly every year since.

In fact we loved it so much that we got married in Lindesfarne Castle, a National Trust property on Holy Island. Cut off from the mainland at high tide you reach the island by a long beach road catching glimpses of feeding sea birds along the drive.  

The wedding was a very small affair.

The highest room of the castle was beautiful and freezing and to say there were only four people watching the proceeding including the registrar we were both really nervous. That’s a smile of utter relief on Gav’s face.

Our best man, lucky for us, is a wiz with the camera and he took lots of great pictures.

After seeing some fancy photos on blogs I wanted to try a ‘funny’ shot.

It worked great thanks to fast photo skills by B.  

We all stayed at the Victoria Hotel in Bamburgh a lovely friendly and welcoming hotel in a perfect setting. For the last two years we have returned to the hotel to celebrate our anniversaries. But this year we decided not to go up there partly because of Buddy, not knowing how he behave in a hotel and partly because we haven’t finished the decorating in the dining room now sitting room yet. (side note – we are having 14 for Christmas Lunch!)

So yesterday we had a fairly normal day together. Lazed about, ate a huge breakfast walked Buddy had Starbucks coffee. And it was lovely but not the same. So we must try and get back up there next year. It’s our ‘thing’ and I missed our anniversary trip.

One final romantic picture. Just about sums it up. Thanks Gav for the last 18 years. x