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December Daily® 2017 – Day Four and Day Five

Hey! A couple more days are done so I thought I’d share. Still having printer problems and decided to send all the photos I’ve taken this past week off to get printed. I’ll swap them when they arrive. For the rest of the month I think I’ll go to a local photo place and see what the quality is like.

Anyway here is what day four looked like originally.

It was sited on the left of the album and had that lovely 3×4 card with the snow globe on it. I’d already added the number four.

As I’d adjusted some earlier pages day four was now on the right. I loved the 3×4 card and the ‘let’s stay home’ words and my story came from that when I found a photo I’d taken the day before of our garden in the sunlight.

I cut the page protector in half so I had two 3×4 pockets instead of four then added the photo of the garden.

On the back I made a circle card with some punched circles from velum and patterned paper and a little heart. This was totally inspired by Ali and a page she made in her Product Play class.

Can’t remember using pink much before in these albums but I liked that star paper and thought it looked great.

Journaled on another card with a touch of red running around the edge so it tied in with the circle card.

For day five I had already added the white polka dot transparency and added the number to that piece and stapled it inside the pocket. You can see the original page at the top of this post.

I bought this style of page protector by accident but wanted to try to use them all the same. They are three pockets, two 4×4’s and one 2×6.

There was another card in the mini kit I’d bought earlier this year that said ‘I’ll bring the merry’ I’d already honed in on it and wanted to use it somewhere in the album. The story from the fifth fit that perfectly.

No photo on this page just some typed journaling about a conversation I had with my niece about Christmas magic.

The photo doesn’t show this page very well but I left the transparency in the same pocket, added the sentiment to some patterned paper with Christmassy words for the background and my story went into that long pocket. I added a punched snowflake to the top of the page.

I must admit that having more time on my hands this December is influencing the stories I’m telling. Not only does more time mean I can do more festive things but I can also reflect a little more too which means I have so far told two stories that I’m not sure I would have done in a different year.

But that is the beauty of this album right? The chance to look for those stories and document them.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2017 – Day One to Day Three

Hello and welcome to the first few days of this December Daily® album.

I added an intention page at the front of the album. I wasn’t going to but so many thoughts were rattling around in my mind I thought it was better to get them out and down on paper, plus I know I will be thankful that I did in years to come.

As I said the other day I have been embracing the gold and I used some new alphabet stickers on this page mixed with two washi tapes and the writing done on my vintage type writer. Typing on that machine is always imperfect but I am ok with that. (I typed remember at least twice and misspelled every time!)

I did move that twelve pocket page to further along in the month.

Also having a little issue with my photo printer so the colours are off in these first pages. I intend to fix it and re-print the images.

For day one I used a photo of my feet on our snowy lawn. This is a large picture and not contained in a page protector as it is the reverse of the intention page. I added the story to the photo before printing. When I re-print I’ll reduce the size of the font on the writing and I’ll also add a number one off to one side of the image.

Here is what day two and three looked like.

I removed one of the page protectors and had day two on the right side of the album opposite day one. I also used some velum to hold the number tag and added handwritten journalling to a plain white card adhered to a card from the One Little Bird mini kit I got in the sale. The ‘today’s’ stamp is from an Ali Edwards set and the ‘stories’ is from a Kelly Purkey one.

So day three moved to the left of the next page and contains the story of our girls crafting afternoon.

The three circle was cut down so it fit behind the circle for day two and I hand wrote a little label and adhered it to the 4 x 6 photo along with a star brad.

Simple and done!

On to the next….


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Hello December

Here we are then. It’s time to begin the journey through December embracing all that is magical and beautiful about the season. I’m all ready to tell my first story and follow it with more and more until we reach twenty five!

As I got my foundation pages and my cover ready I was thinking about what stories I might tell this year. I watched videos from The Storytelling with December Daily class again, made some notes and thought about how the past nine years worth of December stories flowed. I know I struggle sometimes with time and getting the photos printed. I like to make the album as I go if I can but that doesn’t always work. But it will be okay.

I’ve rounded up a few previous posts –  20152014, 2012, 2011. All of my thoughts in past years still ring true today and I love looking back in order to make new lists and get ready.

Not much else to add apart from reading Ali’s post which includes many links to her previous years of getting ready and to welcome December and do it!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2017 – Album Cover

Here we are once again. Time it flies! As ever I am excited to document our December and have made an album to hold the stories of the season.

As I thought about what I wanted on the cover this year I gathered together all my previous albums, nine of them……

Yes, nine! Don’t they look sweet. Can’t believe this will be my tenth year with December Daily® Something to stop and think about here is the collection of those stories over the years. They are treasures for sure and as the lady who devised this concept says it’s the sum of those stories that is the key.

I had a good look at the previous albums, at the colours and motifs I’ve used over the years. Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, stars are the main themes. Red, white and kraft with a touch of silver have been my go to colours.

Then I browsed my Pinterest boards for inspiration and honed in on this one and this one. Something about the white and silver/grey papers spoke to me and I  loved the idea of the ‘negative’ shape for the front of the album.

But before I did that bit I prepared the base of the covers.

I found two sturdy cardboard sheets and cut them to about 7 x 9 attaching washi tape around the edges of the covers as you can see above. This means I don’t have to paint the cover and try to get the paint into those rougher edges. Rougher because they have been cut. I have painted covers in the past but it’s a long process and I thought I’d go with a cardstock base instead.

After getting the front and back covers ready I cut out my star shape using a die cut star as a guide. I tried to ‘size it up’.

It’s not the perfect star shape but I’m fine with how it turned out and I went on to cut the shape out of a piece of wood grain card then adhered the negative shape to the front cover at an off set angle.

On the inside of each cover I added some pretty paper I’ve had in my stash for years. It is cream with flecks of sliver and gold.

Added faux stitching to the star shape with a silver pen and scattered silver and gold sequins onto the star.

I tried several different placements for items on the cover. I wanted to use a pewter snowflake from a Tim Holtz set and I tied some bakers twine onto it. I also tried a metal tag to hold the title and different coloured card as the base for the tag.

I find taking a photo a great way to see the bigger picture so to speak and in the end left off the tag and stamped directly onto the woodgrain card with black ink. The stamps are from an Ali Edwards stamp set.

I added the three hearts and the g,m,b from a set of tiny rub-ons that always seem to make it onto the covers of my December albums.

For the first time since my first album I didn’t add a 25 onto the cover. Time for a change I thought.

So there it is. See previous years posts about making the covers 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. And I’ll share my foundation pages soon. Excited doesn’t ‘cover’ it. Lol!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2016 – Days fourteen to twenty five


Sharing the rest of my album for 2016. We made it up to day thirteen before Christmas so here are day fourteen to day twenty five.











Maybe one year I’ll get finished before January starts? Although really it doesn’t matter I’m just happy to finish this lovely project for another year and look forward to December 2017!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.




December Daily® – Day nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen


Sharing a few more days of this album.


Above you can see that day eight is yet to be finished. Waiting for a story from Gav about his Christmas cheese buying. Day nine has a photo of our Christmas cups and tells the story of an evening with friends.


For day ten I have a two pocket 4 x 6 page which also isn’t quite finished and then a 6 x 6 page protector that was cut to size and sealed with washi tape.


That day tells of our annual girls crafting at my sister’s house. I added the word ‘HO’ and a Tim Holtz metal number to the outside of the page protector.


Another photo from that day on the reverse and an enamel dot to cover the ten.


Day eleven was all about the mammoth gingerbread baking and I used another of the phrases from the stamp set to stamp ‘not my favorite’ and a lovely metal arrow clip. I also wrote directly onto the photo around the edge of the bowl.


Day 12 was the story of wrapping some gifts and also a reminder to me about giving support and love.


And day thirteen was the tree trimming. Again I typed my journaling directly onto the photo above before printing.


And there we go a few more days.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.





December Daily® – Day six and seven


The month is slipping away, just like it always does and I am playing catch up with this album. Here are a cople more days.

Met up with my older niece for lunch and we did a self timer shot.


So adore this stamp set from Ali Edwards. It is sold out at the moment but worth getting as there are so many perfect little phrases that work all year and are perfect for this project.


A rare trip to the hairdressers together had to be documented. I may do something with that chipboard snowflake, it does look like it’s not dressed for the season.


I added a velum page in between day six and seven. Just love those stars and the ‘believe’ card is from Simple Stories. I used the wood veneer people in last years album and like the addition of them here too.


On the back of the card I added a stamped and embossed house.


A full page photo for day seven and the story of taking my younger niece into Leeds to see the Christmas lights. Adore that full page photo. I wrote my story on the photo before printing in photoshop.


Okay so we are getting there and I’ll be back to share more soon.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2016 – Day three and four


Catching up a little. Day three looked like this. Pretty simple as I’d only attached a tag to the rings and added a three.


I became a little stuck trying to make that tag work and decided I couldn’t so I too it out and added a cut down page protector, a silver three and my story.


Love the little index tabs that I stamped a phrase on from the stamp set I mentioned previously.


On the back of that page I added a tag stamped with ‘Christmas Movies’ and popped a kraft paper list inside so I can jot down the films I watch this December. The photo on the right is added without a page protector and is the photograph of a little Instagram fun I am having.


And a reminder of what I had in place for day four.


On the back of that photo I adhered another one this time of our advent chocolates and poor old Buddy being left out. A printed label and a funny quote made up that page.


The three pocket page was swapped for a two pocket page with a photo of my niece and I trimming our little tree in the bottom pocket and a journal card at the top. I added a punched strip of paper to the left and stamped a phrase from that same stamp set over and over and wrote my story in between. It’s a technique Ali used a couple of years ago.

Loving it so far!


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2016 – Day One and Two


Hello December. Hello December Daily® we are so happy to be embarking on this project once more. Today I’d like to share the 1st and 2nd.


A reminder of what I’d put together in advance. A two pocket page with a Tim Holtz metal number and some fantastic star paper that I bought at a local craft shop.


I moved the paper up to the top pocket and added a punched glittered paper circle behind the tag. That red glitter paper has shown up in these albums for years. I adore it.


The story is about giving my Mum an advent calendar with tea light candles inside each door. The gift of light as I say on the card. I was pretty pleased with this gift and hope to cheer her December a little. It also reminded me, as I wrote the story out, that I too need to look for the light so I added that on the journal card as well. I love that I have that photo of her hands close up. She’d hate it but I find it quite lovely. Her rings and the way she holds her hands. Love it!

And the second of December. A stamped 2 and some patterned paper.


This was one of those funny little stories and the fact that the big stamped title rhymes is a bonus. Ali has used this look on some of her past pages and I like it a lot.


I added a coffee sleeve that I got earlier on in the season (they’ve run out of these now) and wrote the story above and below the sleeve. A wooden star and label with the word ‘traditions’ stamped from this set finished off the page.

So we are off!


December Daily® is a memory keeping seasonal album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2016 – Foundation Pages


Back again to share the foundation pages of my December Daily® album for 2016. My second year using page protectors for most of the album and I found last year that I changed the pages quite a bit from how they started off so instead of planning these too much I’m keeping them simple. Numbers and a few papers inserted in the pockets.



And as usual I cannot resist red, white and kraft…….


I have a couple of different design of page protectors, the 6 x 8 and the two 4 x 6 pockets but I have used my sewing machine to create some 3 x 4 pockets on those two pocket pages for a bit of a variation. I also hope to have some pages not in the protectors, again as I like the look of those in the album. More or less what I did last year.


The stamped number 02 above is from this set. It was very good to have those number stamps to use because all of my number 2 alpha stickers have been used up in December Daily® past albums. Most of the numbers are not adhered yet.


I’ve been hoarding a sheet of velum for years but found a new supply of this pretty paper and added a large page into the album. I am a big fan of layers and being able to sneak a peek through to other days.


Hope to be able to do that again this year.





I’ve tucked a couple of tags into the album too. I actually like the look of them loose but we’ll see.





I made the 3 x 6 page last year from a cut down 6 x 8 pocket. Love that size.


And I absolutely adore an envelope in these albums. Again that 21 is stamped from the same set I mentioned above onto a Tim Holtz label sticker.


Tried to vary the look of the stamped numbers.




So there we have it the foundation pages all ready to go.

Here are my foundation pages from 20152014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010/1, 2010/2


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.