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October Baseball Movies


It’s October. That means one thing. The Playoffs!

Yes, we are Brits but we love baseball.

We thought to go along with the play off games this month we would catch a few baseball movies too. Most of these will be new to us and I’m looking forward to indulging in stories all about this most magical of sports.

Here’s a list of a few we have in our sights to watch.

  • Bull Durham
  • Trouble with the Curve
  • A League of their own
  • 42
  • Field of Dreams
  • The Pride of the Yankees
  • The Natural
  • Moneyball
  • The Sandlot
  • For the Love of the Game
  • Bang the drum slowly

I’ll let you know how we get on with these and what others we find along the way. Here’s to a grand slam October. (sorry bad pun!)

Looking forward to stuff


Here is a little glimpse into my heart, soul and freaky little brain. Some things I am looking forward to in October and November.

  • The 50 year celebrations of Doctor Who in November
  • Reading Young Adult books – Prodigy and Allegiant
  • Breaking out the string of twinkle lights when we turn the clocks back
  • Making the foundation of my December Daily album
  • The return of Big Bang Theory, Bones and NCIS LA
  • Planning Bloom 3.0
  • Making a felt autumnal wreath like this one
  • Lighting the log burning stove
  • Drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte and hoping for the return of Eggnog
  • Wearing socks in bed
  • Filling the hot water bottle
  • Joining in on Gav’s quest to watch 30 films in November
  • watching the climax to the Baseball season
  • Making apple cake with our apples
  • Watching sequins and sparkle on Strictly Come Dancing

Our trip to A T & T Park and the Pennant

When we were planning our trip to California the one thing that always stayed in the plan was a baseball game. We saw the San Francisco Giants play in September 2010 and they became our second favourite team. I hate to admit that any team could win my heart more than the Mets but I think the Giants may have taken over in my affections……

So we were thrilled and excited to go and see the Giants play again this year and even more thrilled when Voglesong and Posey came to warm up right in front of where we were sitting. It was even better this year as we both understood what was going on the whole game long.

We’re keeping an eye on the pennant race and hoping they can secure a World Series spot. Oh! Baseball we love you.

Around here


Around here I’m still taking photos of Buddy always a willing subject as long as he has a ball to destroy.

Around here I’m thinking about Week in the Life and if I should jump aboard or not. Here are a couple of pages from 2010

Around here I can’t decide which topping to have for toast so I have all three. Honey – from next doors bees, jam and PB.

Around here the sun was shinning on Monday and Tuesday and I went out to dig. 

Around here we are in full baseball swing.

That’s Gav and my niece. They just happened to be both wearing their Mets shirts yesterday!

It’s back – the start of the MLB season

 Yes. Once again we are celebrating as the baseball is back.

And this year we’ve set up a fantasy team too with MLB. That’s going to be so much fun and a huge disaster as we’re British……. But we are so giddy about it all. We’re the GM Sliders. The only downside to having a fantasy team is that you may feel inclined to cheer for your real life opponents. But no, we would never do that.

We’re all about the Giants.

Okay enough chat. Let the season begin.

The post season


All has been quiet on the blog about baseball since I posted about the opening day. But the ritual of watching games soon became a habit as the summer wore on and we have been glued. Mostly we watched the San Francisco Giants because they are our second team and they were doing really well this year.

Our first team, the Mets seemed to struggle from the first game but didn’t finish bottom so that’s something. Next year Mets, eh?

Unfotunately the Arizona Diamondbacks had a winning run and overtook our Giants and ended up winning the division and we failed to secure the wild card place too meaning the poor old holders of the World Series trophy are not going into the post season this year. *sigh*

 But we are still watching the divisional games to see who will get through to the World Series this year and loving it even without our two teams. Although we love NYC being Met fans we are rooting for any team that beats the Yankees! The Texas Rangers made it through to the divisional final yesterday, before we UK folk went to bed.

So let’s go Tigers.

The dark side?

Remember I was rambling on about Baseball and how Gav and I were so excited to have signed up to the MLB.TV and how the season was going to be great.

Well it is great, sort of great. Apart from the Mets not doing so good, it’s great. Having access to all the scheduled games means we can watch who we want when we want, even from the archives of past games so we can catch up with games that are played too late at night for us UK guys to watch.

But, you knew one was coming right?

But, the little hard drive Gav bought to watch the baseball through the tv wasn’t very good and we were experiencing breaking up pictures all the time. So that got ditched and we had to make do with an old tower unit that sounded like it was about to take off and it was just a tad ugly sat on the tv unit.

So unbeknown to me the search for a substitute little box was on. Of course he found just the thing and MLB were signed up to the software\hardware whatever ware, so it was perfect. Through the little box you can watch the games on your normal tv. The only problem? It’s made by Apple. Bummer.

Now just to clarify. According to my dear husband he really doesn’t dislike Apple but would not buy a Mac it’s all some computer geek reason why he just ‘aint an Apple man.  And that’s okay. I think you are either \ or but never both. That’s men for you. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a Mac is the cost.

Anyway his veto on Apple products doesn’t apparently extend to ipods and now it seems little tv gadgets because he bought the flipping thing and it arrived today.

The minute he had half a second to spare he set it up and (thank goodness) removed the noisy tower unit.

So here is the little box.

Quite impressive, no? Oh wait, let me zoom out so you can see the scale of the little machine.

Now that is impressive. Teeny and quiet and rather sexy – as black plastic boxes go that is. And wait there’s more. The remote control……


Even me, the utter tech hater has to admit that this remote is rather amazing. And look how skinny it is.

Wow. Cool. How do they do it?

So it seems we have gone over to the dark side. Well okay, maybe just a smash and grab?

At Bat

Oh glorious day. It’s the opening day of the 2011 Baseball season – yay.

What!? Baseball, but I thought you were British? I am. But, get this, we love baseball. Weird as it may be.

It all began in 2005 when Gav and I took our first trip across the pond to NYC. I bought us a couple of baseball tickets and as the Yankees were playing on the road that day we ended up going to see the Mets. How lucky we were. The Mets are definitely the real NYC team (don’t throw stuff – it’s just my opinion) I would liken the difference between the supporters of the Yankees and the Mets to that of Man Utd and Man City.

So we watched the Mets at Shea Stadium.

And I remember so well getting off the subway and walking down the steps, seeing this picture in front of us. It was everything I had imagined with the floodlights and the crowd. They won the game and a new love affair was born.

That’s the thing about a love affair isn’t it. You may be miles apart but the moment you see each other again it’s like time stood still and you are deeply in love again.

So when we went back to NYC in 2008, (we had been in 2007 but that was a January visit = no baseball as the regular season runs from April to September) we got tickets again for the Mets and saw them win again against the Cubs.

And this was the last season at Shea as the club was moving into a new ground at Citi Field.

During the trip in 2008 we were stateside for just over two weeks and watched lots of different games on TV. The love affair was blossoming.

But again we came home and were miles from our love. Then one day in the summer of 2009 I was mindlessly surfing channels through the cable box and found ESPN America and right there in front of my very eyes was a honest to goodness baseball game. All summer long we watched and even looked the rules up online and actually began to understand what the heck was going on.

We were still Mets fans but they were not having much luck and finished really low down that season. Nevertheless we waited eagerly for the start of the 2010 season and again watched with glee.

So when ‘the big trip’ was being planned I once again sorted out Mets tickets. And while I was online doing that the game on the TV was the Giants. Oh, their in San Francisco. Maybe we could go to two live games since we are also going to San Francisco. And the ground at A T & T Park is so pretty!

So I booked Giants tix aswell. Two baseball games, live, in two weeks. 

We saw the Giants lose against the Brewers,  

and the Mets lose against the Brewers!

But we loved both games especially the Giants as it was a sell out crowd, they had given 5,000 Buster Posey shirts away so the ground was awash with orange and because they were doing really well in their ‘division’.

And do you know what happened in the World Series last year.

Oh yeah baby. The Giants won. The players we had sat and watched in awe at the beautiful ground in San Francisco went on to win against the Yankees in the World Series. It was like our baseball story had come full circle.

So we come to this year and because of some upgrade Gav sorted out with the cable company the ESPN America channel is not part of the package we get now………………… Bum.

But all is not lost in these days of the internet and we have signed up to MLB TV. And tonight is the first game of the season. We think we’ll watch the Yankees or maybe the Braves, or maybe both because you can split the TV screen apparently!

I cannot wait. Three hours to go.

Lets go Mets. Lets go Giants. Lets GO.