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30 Vegetarian Pizzas – Goats cheese, beetroot and pesto


Can’t believe we have reached pizza number 20. This combination was inspired by a Pizza Express pizza I had back in March. Not sure it’s still available though. I looked at a photo I’d taken of the pizza to work out all the toppings. As well as the goats cheese, beetroot and pesto there is onion, pine nuts and the rocket was added after cooking. One word….YUM!

We don’t tend to pile lots of flavours onto our pizza but this combination showed me it is such a delight when you do. These ingredients work so perfectly together.

The sauce and base were our usual. Only 10 left to make. Woo!

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – veggie mince, potato and thyme


Here is number nineteen. I’m not sure where I got this idea from. I think I caught a glimpse of a meaty pizza somewhere on Pinterest and just fancied adding potato into the mix too.

It was the usual dough (white) and tomato sauce (Gav’s) and I used a little cheddar along with the mozzarella cheese. The thyme was the only flavour I added. It worked well but the pizza needed something more. I think making the mince a little spicy could work or just cooking the mince for longer than I did with lots of herbs added at that point might be good too.

Even if it wasn’t a as good a flavour combination overall as I hoped you know what I think of potato on any pizza, pretty perfect.

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Beetroot, Feta and Spinach


At last something completely different, well for us anyway. I know you’re thinking that there isn’t much food that I don’t like and you’d be right. I like my food. I particularly like beetroot, Gav isn’t a big fan so I made three little pizza’s and just put the beetroot combination on one of them.

We used to have a wonderful bakery chain here in Leeds that made the most delicious cheese and beetroot sandwich. Mmm, but I digress back to the pizza.

I made the dough this week and it was about 90% white flour. The sauce is Gav’s usual and I used a little of the grated mozzarella as well as the feta cheese. The beetroot was vacuum packed and I wilted a few spinach leaves in a little water.

The beetroot and feta went really well together, one  strong and sharp the other sweet and mild. The spinach didn’t come through very much maybe I should have added more.

Overall though our eighteenth pizza was a great success.

30 Vegetarian pizza’s – Margherita


I know I said we were going to go wild with our toppings but instead we went the other way. And I can’t believe it’s taken seventeen pizza’s before we made this one!

So here is the eighteenth pizza.

The usual sauce and white pizza dough really thin this week and for the cheese a traditional ball of the softer mozzarella. It was simply delicious and I don’t know why we make it so infrequently. It also made me want to use the balls of cheese on more of our pizzas too. It adds a different texture to the hard grated stuff and of course it what the Italians use.

Onward towards number twenty and the search for better lighting……..

30 Vegetarian pizza’s – feta, artichoke and black olive


Number seventeen here we go.

Three of my very favourites all on one pizza. Mmm… We also added some of the usual grated hard mozzarella cheese and it worked great with the feta.

We are just over half way through this little pizza project. I love looking back at all the combinations of topping we have tried so far it really does make you think about flavours and what works and what doesn’t. Actually I have to admit that most veg seems to go well together.

I feel some odd combinations coming up to test that theory……..

30 Vegetarian pizza’s – veggie mix up


Oh, the light, the failing light! I am going to have to either set up the tripod (boo) or make Gav have pizza for lunch if I am to keep up with these posts through the winter, lol.

Anyway here we are with number sixteen. This one was a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten all about it. It had the very first of our home grown tomatoes and french beans as well as courgettes, green olives, artichokes and mushrooms. The multiple layers of flavours was really good.

We did the usual sauce and cheese.

I always hesitate at the idea of throwing tons of veg onto a pizza but I shouldn’t because this one worked out great.

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Artichoke, Sweetcorn and Black Olive


First of all apologies for the worst photo ever! But I was loosing the light so it’s all I got.

Anyway this was another success in flavour combination for our fifteenth pizza. All strong but worked very well together. And I adore artichoke, so I devour any dish that includes this treat.

Again the usual sauce and cheese, we will change it up one of these days. The trouble is when we know we have a perfect combination of sauce and cheese (in our opinion anyway) we are reluctant to mess with it!

30 Vegetarian Pizzas – Potato with rosemary and thyme


There is something decadent about eating two carbs together! But potato goes so well on pizza. Here we kept it simple and only added herbs along with the potato which our own home grown ones.


As ever it was the usual tomato sauce and grated mozzarella. It was a very thin base and all the better for it in my opinion. Another great one to add to our staples.

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Quorn Sausage and Olives


The more I try different toppings the more I am learning about combination of flavours. That’s what it’s all about really isn’t it? The endeavor to find the perfect flavours working together.

Years ago, when Gav and I were addicted to Masterchef we looked on with envy as the contestants combined flavours together and made a stunning and delicious dishes. To say that I call myself a ‘cook’ you’d think that I experiment and try new things together all the time but whenever I try to ponder a new twist on a old recipe my head just hurts with all the possible combinations. Maybe I should write ideas down…..

This latest addition to the 30 was Quorn veggie sausages and olives. I’d seen photos of sausage and olive pizza and I adore veggie sausages so wanted to give it a try these two flavours together.


It was all the usual suspects as far as dough (white), sauce (Gav’s) and mozzarella (hard pre-grated.) I grilled the sausages before adding them to the top and used both green and black olives to see which we liked best.

Really liked this one. The sausage works well as a topping and both types of olives tasted fine so would add both again.

There we go number thirteen done, almost halfway there…..

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Red pepper, black olives and basil


Ha! I took over the pizza making again this week. Here is number twelve. I tried the basil oil mixture again on this one. The combination of red pepper and black olives is always a winner in my book and the basil was good too.


White pizza dough, Gav’s sauce and the usual mozzarella.

Definitely a winner.