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30 Vegetarian Pizza – A Review and a Bonus Pizza

Wow. This project was a long time in completing!

It all began on the 8 March 2014. And really? I can’t believe almost three years have gone by since then. But time flies. You can read my orignal post here.

Looking back at what I wrote in that post I have to say first and foremost I pretty much failed in this project. I wanted to try different flours and cheeses and toppings. But it proved harder than I thought to sway Gav from his tried and tested dough recipe and the toppings were a challenge too. All that said I need to make it clear that I wasn’t doing this whole thing as just something to write about here. I had hoped to push our culinary skills but when it came down to is he cooked the pizza, I photographed and then we ate them for dinner on Saturday nights. On only one occasion did I get in the kitchen and make three at once. And I only did that because it was a bright summer day when Gav was off walking and I felt like trying out some toppings I knew he wouldn’t like. (Yes, the beetroot one! Ha.) Basically it was real life with its real challenges.

But enough of the negative, what about the positives? We have discovered several new favourite toppings.

This one from Cookie and Kate was my number one.

Followed closely by Quorn ham and pineapple.

Such a great combination.

I also loved the beetroot one….

That had Feta cheese on it too which I think worked so well with the sweet beetroot.

Then there was the artichoke and sweetcorn.

With a few black olives and red onion throw into the mix too.

And finally the one in the photo at the top of this post. It was number thirty one because I miscounted! Of course best is last right? This was roasted vegetable. Onions, courgettes, red pepper and tomatoes roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes and added to the pizza before cooking. It was so good.

So there we have it a few lessons learned and a few new combination of flavours, not bad really for three years in the making!




30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Feta, Artichoke and Green Olive


These veggie pizza post’s are like buses right? You wait all year for one then two come along at once!

This may look familiar because we have made this very pizza before but with black olives instead of green. I’d like to say this was a deliberate experiment with flavours but in truth it was an accident and I didn’t realise we’d done a similar one until I was editing the photo and remembered the previous version. But all that said I’m glad we had the chance to compare the olives. I think I was both surprised and not at all surprised that the two pizza’s tasted different. Of course I know that green and black olives taste different but it was the mingling of flavours together that surprised. The green against the cheese was sharper, zingy where with black olives and feta the flavour is rich and warm.

All in all a good pizza though and a great reminder about flavours working together.

I’ll be back again with this topic to round up my thoughts on this rather long experiment and also bring you pizza thirty one which of course is my new fav.




30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Halloumi, Artichoke and Green Olive


So it’s been a while! Not sure how long since I shared a pizza here but this one is the twenty ninth of the thirty.

Three of my favourite ingredients all on one pizza. Win, win. The base is the usual as is the tomato sauce. Ages ago, way back at the start of our pizza adventure I turned one of our everyday pasta dishes into a pizza and honestly it didn’t work. The three ingredients on this pizza are also often used together on pasta dishes in this house but this time the change of carbohydrate did work. Yay! And the combination of the three together is perfect. Maybe it is the addition of the tomato sauce because in the other version we left that off the pizza top.

Anyway glad we persevered with the trial of pasta sauce into pizza experiment and I’m happy to be sharing another pizza here.


30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Balsamic onions and Brussel sprouts


Recently we were inspired to try a new pizza and I managed to grab my camera, adjust for the kitchen lighting, and grab a photo before we devoured the lot.

I know this looks a tad overdone but they are caramelised onions so did get a little scorched lucky for us it didn’t affect the amazing flavour. I found the recipe here.

And I know what you’re thinking… this combination cannot work but oh my it so does. We tried both with and without tomato sauce and decided both were equally delicious.

Our version used white onions instead of red because that’s what we grow and it used our very own sprouts too, we just sliced ours. I can’t decide why this pizza is so good it must just be that the flavours work great together in fact we liked it so much we tried it again last Sunday. And that leads me to note that you really do need those onions to be good and caramelised because they weren’t quite there on our version two and the flavour didn’t work so well. So char those onions and save me a slice.

30 Vegetarian Pizza – artichoke, feta and broccoli


It seems I am becoming addicted to pizza without the tomato sauce. It is a completely different flavour and I must say does taste good. I think you have to have strong flavours and then they work really well with the pizza base.

This is pizza number twenty six.


It was our usual base kneaded in the bread maker and we added some grated hard mozzarella as well as the feta to the two vegetables. The broccoli was steamed before it went on top. It was very tasty indeed but then I’m a big fan of feta and artichoke on a pizza.

So only four to go to hit my 30 Vegetarian pizzas…..

30 Vegetarian Pizza – Asparagus and Mushroom


Hello pizza number twenty five.

I can’t say that just because they haven’t appeared here we haven’t been eating them. But we are creatures of habit and we have been eating the same old, same old pizzas!

But here was a new one.

Simplicity itself. Three ingredients for the topping plus seasonings. Mozzarella, Mushrooms and Asparagus. The mushrooms were lightly fried before adding onto the top. The flavours worked so well together and it was delicious and we will be making it again.

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Artichoke, mushroom and green olive


Number twenty four. All flavour combinations we have tried before but never all together.

Although we’ve tried green olives before on Pizza it’s not something I’ve seen a lot of out there in Pizza restaurant land. Maybe on meaty pizza’s but usually you only get a black olive on a pizza. That’s a shame because green olives add a totally different flavour.

I really liked the combination of the peppers and artichoke with the green olives and as for the mushrooms, well Gav sneaked a few on while my back was turned. He can’t get enough of mushroom on his pizza!

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Fig and goats cheese


And now for something completely different! Number twenty three here we go.

I made this one when Gav was out, he’s a traditionalist and like his pizza with red sauce and mozzarella. (Actually, he tried some when he got home and said it wasn’t bad.)

I was trying to get a good melt on the cheese and managed to almost burn the crust, something to remember next time.


Overall I loved it. The fig was very ripe and I think that added to the fruity flavour. I know some folk don’t like to mix fruit in with savouries but I love to. That said I think this pizza would work really well as part of a selection of pizzas or for a buffet party.

Okay onwards to more cheese….

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Aubergine and tomato


Here we go with pizza number twenty two. This is a direct copy of this pizza except I used orange tomatoes as they were what I had.


This was so simple and absolutely delicious, I love aubergines. I used dough made in the bread maker like we usually do and then just followed her recipe. Possible needed to cook the tomatoes longer and the aubergine for a shorter time but other than that yummy.  Thanks PW!

30 Vegetarian Pizza’s – Feta, artichoke and black olive


Here’s to another pizza, another combination of flavours. I have said ti before and will say it again I love artichoke on pizza. We also added a few cherry tomatoes. All in all a great success.