Photo a Day – Week Forty Two, Forty Three and Forty Four

Here we go with another few weeks of life in photos.

Good to capture me in the scene.

New Years Eve candle.

Park Run for Gav on New Years Day.

An ordinary everyday scene….

ANd then the following day Bud had to go to the vets. And did he ever feel sorry for himself!

A final snap of a fav scene from the festive season.

The putting it all away with a few chocolates to help.

I have been obsessed lately with trying to wear some of my clothes in different ways, to get the most out of them rather than buying anything new. Lots of selfie snapping to see what I think.

Broken pots and leaves. More real life stuff.

Sunset and moon.

My great niece came over and we wandered the garden.

A little sunshine.

The last of the Christmas cheese.

Gav came along to meet this little fella.

A perfect Christmas gift. A vegetarian smores kit!

Breakfast burrito.

More sunsets.

And another visit from this sweet girl.

The weaving/macrame bug has caught me again.

Messing about with paper and shadows for my nieces photograph exam.

And finally french toast. Yum.

And there we go.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Forty Two, Forty Three and Forty Four”

  • Chocolate help just about every & any situation ! That is a lot of people running in the park. I’m also trying to update my look with what I have in the closet & cupboards. I made a huge mess by just pulling every sweater (jumper) out & sorting by colour & sleeve length. I found at least 3 I had totally forgotten about. That tells me two things; (1) I have too many jumpers (2) I need to keep that cupboard better organized. Oh yes some French Toast. We’ve taken to enjoying a type of vegetarian Eggs Benedict on waffles for dinner.

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