Photo A Day – Week Thirty Nine, Forty and Forty One

Almost caught up again!

We start off with this fella all cozy in his blanket and quilt set up….

After our cookie decorating afternoon I still had the itch to decorate plus I had tons of royal icing left over so I made sugar cookies and had another go. It is so hard! They make it look easy on you tube…lol.

Early morning view.

Real life! The mantel all trimmed up for Christmas and re watching Elementary on the TV.

Gav started a jigsaw. Perfect for this time of year. Also more festive stuff waiting to be arranged.

Out for dinner at my sisters.

A quick trip to my Mums to see these guys.

The we headed off to Northumberland and got an annual photo.

And when we got home the following day he was full of fun!

Love this.

And this.

Can’t get enough of a winter sky.

One of my very favourite festive scenes with an addition this year of the lights in our bedroom. There is just something wonderful to me of looking from the outside in. And also looking at our home from this perspective. Simple pleasures.

Made a few cards this year. I got this idea from Kristina Werner expert card maker!

The Christmas cake was out and getting eaten along with all the festive pottery.

Our usual trip to get coffee after we have been to the cemetery on Christmas Eve.

Our newest elf.

And our other sweet girl pondering after too much ice cream. My sister bought her that ice cream cart and it was the best gift she got.

A light lunch…..

A new ornament. Also my sisters doing.

The Hellebores are back.

And there we go.