Thoughts about One Little Word® 2020 and Setting Goals

2020 marks the sixth year I have chosen a word. I just went back to look at what I shared here about my word for 2019. I only wrote about it once and that was right at the start of the year! I actually had lots of success in terms of keeping up with Ali’s prompts last year but for whatever reason I didn’t share them on the blog.

Heart was a good word and I still love it but I didn’t fulfil my hopes with it. This year I have chosen the word BREATHE. I haven’t signed up to the workshop this time around.

I got a series of newsletters via email from Elise a few weeks ago talking about reflecting on 2019, asking questions about 2020 and setting goals for the upcoming year.

She asked how you wanted to feel in 2020. A simple concept that cut all wheat from the chaff. I aimed high!

  • A supportive and loving human
  • Healthier
  • Content/satisfied that I tried my best/not feeling like I failed.

These were pretty much the first thoughts that came into my head. From those ideas I pinned down ten ‘goals’.

  1. Support Gav in his change of job
  2. Do more Yoga
  3. Visit and help family who need the help
  4. Less laptop/Instagram more reading, much more reading!
  5. Stick to a skincare routine and look after my teeth
  6. Be healthier
  7. Walk 10k steps a day
  8. Consider my green/eco goals
  9. Keep making and creating (sell something?)
  10. Clean my house more!

Many of these items have come up in past years as things to work on. But that is ok. I have come to the conclusion that taking on a word for the year or making a list of goals such as above is not about a quick fix. I have realised that it is a commitment to learn about yourself and keep on learning as life changes around you. I really liked the way Elise set up this idea.

Rather than trying to work out how I could achieve these things I worked it the other way. I wrote down all the barriers to achieving these goals.

For example number 4. Less laptop, more reading. It sounds easy to achieve right? Just don’t open the laptop….. But somehow I can’t seem to do it. So how can I actually do it? My intial thoughts are to a) have books on my to be read pile that I really want to read. b) bring my book downstairs every day so it is there when I’m tempted to scroll Instagram I can pick the book up instead.

And number 7. I know that if I don’t take Buddy on a 5o minute walk in the morning I will not get to 10k steps that day. The main reason I fail to get the 50 minute walk done is because I sleep in past 7am. I like to be out early before the school kids and rush hour. Therefore the key to 10k steps? Get up at 7am!

Writing down the barriers was so liberating. Seeing them in black and white helped so much. Sounds like common sense right but sometimes our heads get in the way of common sense and writing it down helps you see what the real problem is.

Something else that came out of this process was that in many cases I found I was writing down ‘lazyness’ or ‘no motivation’. Even admitting these things to myself felt positive. I may not be able to change that part of my personality (I am basically a lazy person!) and I know for certain that part of these feelings are due to the menopause. But understanding that the obstacle is me is valuable knowledge. I can see that at the start, accept I don’t really want to do something and then think about why I began this process in the first place. I can revisit that list of how I want to feel in 2020 and maybe that will drive me on.

I am so happy with my list, that I have approached this year slightly differently and have got all these things down on paper.

In relation to One Little Word® I have worked through the January prompts from last years class using my list of how I want to feel as a jumping off point. I shall work through the monthly prompts from some of the previous years to keep my word and my goals visible this year and add them to my One Little Word® album.

Let’s do it!


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