Photo a Day – Week Thirty Six, Thirty Seven and Thirty Eight

It’s time to catch up with some of our everyday photos!

Here we go with a wreath ring made from our Salix viminalis living fence. Gav gave the fence a good hair cut and we had a pile of trimmed stems. I adore, absolutely adore making wreath forms out of the stems.

Lots of garden photos this week. And frost which always makes me head outside and snap photos. I like the subtle bokeh at the top left of this picture and the delicate frosted leaves.

As I said lots of frost! This plant is probably the most photographed in my garden. Acanthus mollis and it looked stunning that day.

More garden….

And more….

Clearly there wasn’t much else going on that week!

And finally for this week a trip with these two to the supermarket.

Week 37 began with an amazing sunset.

Slightly different view of the garden with frosty leaves.

Caught the bus to work.

Wandered with Buddy to Canal Gardens.

Had an eggnog latte. Yum. They ran out the following week which almost ruined December for me!

Scrambled eggs with avocado.

And may I introduce you to the cutest pooch ever! (Except Buddy, of course). This is my BFF’s adorable miniature Dachshund  pup. You cannot grasp from this photo just how teeny he is. And did I mention cute?

A lovely sunny day at the start of Week 38. Still an autumn vibe.

Dinner looked very summery.

Uh oh…. cuteness alert again.

December is always cheese month around here. Just looking at that plate is making me hungry.

As are these gingerbread cookies. I made them in preparation for cookie decorating with some of my family the following day.

Here is my sister amongst the mess of our fun filled afternoon decorating the last cookie.

Went all eco with my Christmas wrapping and used old newspapers. I actually loved how all my gifts turned out and so did lots of the family.

And there we go.