December Daily® 2019 – Day Eight to Fourteen

Hi. Back to share more of this festive album. Hope you holiday season is going well. I’m trying to catch up on this album so I can finish and share it this year…… Let’s see how I go on with that!

Day 8 has a little reindeer from a chocolate lollipop that I got in my advent calendar. The words are about how a few years ago our go to shop for the advent gifts stopped making little chocolate treats and we were stumped at first as to what to fill the pockets with. But we have adjusted!

I simple added one sentence to those trees for day 9 and called it done.

Took this idea from Ali and stamped big for day 10.

There already was a flip up page set up for day 11 so I added my story and two photos in the flip up.

Sunrise and sunset.

Day 12 is spread over two pages the first is some words about my feelings that day.

And the second is a photo of two wreaths I made. I added that arrow paper clip and piece of gold foil transparency to hold the number.

For day 13 I have two stories. One is a view of the outside of our house. I added a label to the photo and typed the journalling. It smudged but that’s what happens and I’m ok with it.

The on the back of that tag I wrote the story for the other photo which is of the chest of drwaers in our bedroom all prettied up for Christmas.

And day 14 has a photo of us and my niece selecting treats from the advent calendar. It is a traditon of ours when she sleeps over in December. And on the other page Buddy sat in front of the fire while I wrote Christmas cards paired with an old card from a December kit.

Simple and done is the best with this album.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.