December Daily® 2019 – Day One to Seven

It is always the same story. December is flying by. But I’ve done a few pages of this years album and am here to share.

Some of the pages have altered from their original foundation and some are just the same.

My story for the 1st was the welcoming of a new family member. She actually arrived on the 30th November but I wanted to start my album off with this great news. Here she is with my sister.

For day 2 I added a photo of Gav doing a jigsaw puzzle and typed up the story adhering it to the side of the photo. Don’t mind that it has that orientation.

Day 3 is a photo of my Mum with the baby and my niece.

I added the story to the back of the half circle that page you can just see that in the day 4 photo below.

Day 4 was about wrapping gifts. I added a few words directly onto the photo.

Day 5 is a photo of me and Buddy trimming our little tree. I love this photo. I like getting myself in the story and love that I managed to catch him in it too. About 5 seconds after the timer snapped he moved and ended up out of the shot.

I used the back of the 5 card to add the journalling for the day with a bulleted list. Sometimes it’s good to get lots of the little details down rather than just one story. I find that when I look back it gives me a better idea of how December days are usually packed with many different things not just about Christmas.

Day 6 above is a photo of the hall all trimmed up. The photos are not great in this post, apologies for that!

I’d snapped this photo of Bud earlier in the day and decided to include on the back of the day 6 page.

Love the index tabs and that pooch living it up on the bed!

Remember my day 7 foundation page with that wire full of punched Christmas trees?

Well I decided to add photos to the page under the trees. I cut a slit into the sides of the photo and slid them into place. I re-adhered the 7.

It was a fun packed day which began with buying trees and went on to icing cookies with the girls.

We try to have a get together for crafting of some kind in December and its always a good day.

We wear silly head gear and Christmas jumpers!

And there we go. A few stories told. Hope your December is going well.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.