Month: December 2019

A Review of 2019

Back in January I shared a list of things I was going to do (or try to do) in 2019. I am in the mood for reflection so here goes……

One Little Word® – I followed along with the prompts of this project for almost every month. Although I loved my word and still know the power of it I felt it didn’t fully meet my hopes. Or I didn’t fully realise my hopes with it. I will be choosing a word for 2020 but I have made the decision not to join in with the project via Ali’s site. I am going to go back over the content of the past 5 years and try to do the project on my own. We will see how that works out!

Yoga and the 30 day challenge with Adriene. I did indeed do yoga throughout the month of January and joined her on youtube. I kept up a good practice until about May when I spend more time off the mat than on. I’m still going to a yoga class but not doing it at home. For 2020 I’ll be taking up this practice again.

I did indeed finish December Daily 2018 even though it was in November!

I crossed seven things off the click tick list. Not a very successful year on that front even though seven is a decent number. Most of the things crossed off were planned trips etc. I didn’t make any special efforts to achieve anything and that is annoying! But maybe 2020 is the year for that?

I did finish 2018 Project Life and I did have fun adventures with my family in Portugal.

I also finished the 2017 scrapbook of our USA trip and grew lots of flowers and veg.

The books thing was not a total success. I did whittle down my pile by deciding I just wasn’t going to read some of the books on it. I also read three new books that I loved. This needs more attention in 2020 as I think I only read about ten all year!

Gav, Han and I had a fabulous trip to London and I arranged lots of flowers and took many photographs too. I also did the hobbies thing as well.

Disney was amazing and I spent many hours laughing!

All in all it was a great year. Ups and downs like all years.

Anyone who has been here a while knows I like a list. I liked looking back at that list I made in January. Not everything was crossed off but having a list focusses my mind. I have already been pondering the up coming year. How to get things done, how to tweak my habits and routines to achieve the things that matter right now.

Many things that were on that list in January are ongoing things of my life. I can’t imagine, for example, not flower arranging or not creating all manner of things with my other hobbies. I will always read even if some years are lighter in volume that others. What I want to focus on are some things that I should be doing and some things that I need to be doing.

I’ll come back and share more on this in 2020 but for now I’ll sign off and wish you all a Happy New Year!

December Daily® 2019 – Day Eight to Fourteen

Hi. Back to share more of this festive album. Hope you holiday season is going well. I’m trying to catch up on this album so I can finish and share it this year…… Let’s see how I go on with that!

Day 8 has a little reindeer from a chocolate lollipop that I got in my advent calendar. The words are about how a few years ago our go to shop for the advent gifts stopped making little chocolate treats and we were stumped at first as to what to fill the pockets with. But we have adjusted!

I simple added one sentence to those trees for day 9 and called it done.

Took this idea from Ali and stamped big for day 10.

There already was a flip up page set up for day 11 so I added my story and two photos in the flip up.

Sunrise and sunset.

Day 12 is spread over two pages the first is some words about my feelings that day.

And the second is a photo of two wreaths I made. I added that arrow paper clip and piece of gold foil transparency to hold the number.

For day 13 I have two stories. One is a view of the outside of our house. I added a label to the photo and typed the journalling. It smudged but that’s what happens and I’m ok with it.

The on the back of that tag I wrote the story for the other photo which is of the chest of drwaers in our bedroom all prettied up for Christmas.

And day 14 has a photo of us and my niece selecting treats from the advent calendar. It is a traditon of ours when she sleeps over in December. And on the other page Buddy sat in front of the fire while I wrote Christmas cards paired with an old card from a December kit.

Simple and done is the best with this album.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

December Daily® 2019 – Day One to Seven

It is always the same story. December is flying by. But I’ve done a few pages of this years album and am here to share.

Some of the pages have altered from their original foundation and some are just the same.

My story for the 1st was the welcoming of a new family member. She actually arrived on the 30th November but I wanted to start my album off with this great news. Here she is with my sister.

For day 2 I added a photo of Gav doing a jigsaw puzzle and typed up the story adhering it to the side of the photo. Don’t mind that it has that orientation.

Day 3 is a photo of my Mum with the baby and my niece.

I added the story to the back of the half circle that page you can just see that in the day 4 photo below.

Day 4 was about wrapping gifts. I added a few words directly onto the photo.

Day 5 is a photo of me and Buddy trimming our little tree. I love this photo. I like getting myself in the story and love that I managed to catch him in it too. About 5 seconds after the timer snapped he moved and ended up out of the shot.

I used the back of the 5 card to add the journalling for the day with a bulleted list. Sometimes it’s good to get lots of the little details down rather than just one story. I find that when I look back it gives me a better idea of how December days are usually packed with many different things not just about Christmas.

Day 6 above is a photo of the hall all trimmed up. The photos are not great in this post, apologies for that!

I’d snapped this photo of Bud earlier in the day and decided to include on the back of the day 6 page.

Love the index tabs and that pooch living it up on the bed!

Remember my day 7 foundation page with that wire full of punched Christmas trees?

Well I decided to add photos to the page under the trees. I cut a slit into the sides of the photo and slid them into place. I re-adhered the 7.

It was a fun packed day which began with buying trees and went on to icing cookies with the girls.

We try to have a get together for crafting of some kind in December and its always a good day.

We wear silly head gear and Christmas jumpers!

And there we go. A few stories told. Hope your December is going well.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

Bloom 2019 – The Autumn One

Couldn’t resist sharing this very autumn looking arrangement I made the other day. Think I’ll wait to share the rest of the summer ones until after Christmas when we’ll all need a bit of cheering up!

I love looking at all the autumn flower arrangements on Instagram. I tried to make an autumn wreath a few years back and although it didn’t turn out very well I liked using the brown ‘dead’ stuff to give a different effect.

Here we have a few greens – garrya eliptica with those amazing tassels, cotinus (not green but still alive) and jasmine. I added crocosmia seed heads, beech leaves, spirea flower heads and some of those seed pods that I dried, scabious stelata.

Really glad I tried something different and used what was available from my garden. Next up a wreath! Love, love Christmas arranging.