Bloom 2019 – Pink Mix and Tiny Tangerine

Only a few more of these to share now. Just writing that got me thinking about how to bridge the long gap between summer flowers and spring flowers. I have a half formed plan to at least make Christmassy arrangements in the form of a wreath or two (using some of the flowers pods I have dried) but I also think the garden still has gifts to give I think I need to look harder!

Anyway on to the flowers I have arranged.

Dreamy and romantic. I love that I managed to convey a mood with this one. All thanks to the flowers. Cosmos in white and pink, nicotiana, antirrhinum, salvia and that gorgeous consolida that elongated the shape perfectly for me.

And from dreamy pink…

To teeny tangerine (and white!)

Perfect for that old yeast tin, this was a delicate yet punchy addition to the mantle. Calendula with white cosmos, scabious and salvia. Those white salvia were just amazing. I’ve grown the pink and purple before but this was my first packet of white ones. Will definitely be sowing those again!

Okay, I am going to wander down the garden and look for autumn things…..wish me luck!