100 Day Project 2019 – 100 Adventures in Art – A Review

The 100 Day Project has come and gone for 2019. It always takes me a little while to ‘recover’ from this crafty undertaking and formulate my thoughts. While I do that here is a selection of the final 25 days.

As I neared the end of this adventure I planned out the ideas I still wanted to execute. It always helps me focus my mind if I have a plan of sorts written down. After all the ‘pinning’ I wanted to make sue I didn’t miss a style or technique off my 100.

Above day 85 and 76. Still trying out the white on black and the abstract colourful things too. I used a mask for the pink stars and applied thick paint through the mask.

Below are day 88 and 87. Colourful brush strokes on the left with watercolours and graphic tree collage on the right. Really like the paper combination on the collage.

Day 82 was watercolour trees and a heart shape cut from a previous days experiment with red and black was day 83. Always good to re-purpose those ‘mistakes’.

More of that earlier technique with acrylic paint and drawing shapes over the top for day 80.

And documenting a walk to Canal Gardens with the thistle painting for day 81. Day 78 was another heart. Always hearts!

Wanted to try the village idea again but with paint instead of marker pens for day 90. It was much harder to do than the version with markers but I love it just as much. It’s messy but quirky and I adore that oversized moon!

On the right for day 89 I tried another attempt at graphic abstract shapes.

Playing with watercolour again. Happy to have got a daisy into this collection for day 99.


I was inspired by a picture I saw over on Pinterest for painting 98 on the left below but I can’t find in now. This was more watercolour and I do like it. I like the translucent element that watercolour can give you and the vibrant colours.

And for day 100 I went all the way back to that technique I tried on day 5. Layers of acrylic paint.

There we have it. A snap-shot of that final days of the project.

Now to my thoughts about it all……

Looking back to my original post and considering my main objective in this endeavour, which was to hone my arty voice, the question is have I done that?

Simple answer. Nope!

I genuinely thought that I would have a better understanding of who I was as an ‘artist’ at the end of the 100 days. Perhaps that speaks volumes about how arty I actually am! Or maybe the truth is that I don’t have one style or a favourite medium. Maybe I like to try all the things! Maybe that is what I have learned about myself.

I think I’ll write that again. I like to make all the stuff. Quilting, macrame, weaving, scrapbook pages, cross stitch………. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I want to try all the arty things too.

That said though, I think that to be a ‘proper’ artist and make work that you sell you have to have a vision. You have to have a marketable style that becomes recognisable as you, right?

I think that a good idea would be to take ten of my favourites and make them again. And again, and again. Until they look, I don’t want to say perfect, until they look finished. Some of them are fine as they are and I wouldn’t want to make them differently. But some are just a little too unfinished and could be improved with practice.

Another important takeaway for me is that I now know that it’s incredibly hard to make art. Having an idea and then executing it is so tough. Knowing this means that in future when I am tempted to say ‘oh that looks easy I bet I can do that’ I’ll know that it isn’t easy and I probably can’t do it, well not to a professional level anyway. But I will probably still try all the same!

Since the project ended I haven’t painted or drawn or done anything else ‘arty’. I have been sewing a little which is all good but what I don’t want to happen is that I forget everything I learned during the 100 days. So writing this post has made me realise I need to pick up a brush and follow through with that idea of making a few of my favourites again and see how that feels and what they look like.

That’s the most amazing thing about this project. You have no idea what will happen when you commit to 100 days. That is the beauty of it. And no matter what I got out of it or think I didn’t get out of it, I can look back and know that I tried and was surprised and I love it for that reason alone.