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My goodness. As I mention in my very brief journalling on the layout I have had this photograph sat waiting to be scrapped for years……. It was one of those photos that was too precious to put on the page…….. What if I hated the layout? Or the story? Or the …….

I don’t like that silly fear…… Let’s get real and remember it is only a scrapbook page and if you don’t like it print the picture again and make a new page! Writing that down so I can try and drum it into my head…

But I finally committed and made the page. And what do you know? I don’t like it. Ha, ha, ha.

But I’m ok with that.

Plus, not only am I not keen on the layout I’ve just noticed I haven’t finished the journalling or added one of the dates!

Here’s the story with those bits added –

This was the most perfect walk. I have been pondering scrapping it for many years. The snow was amazing. The streets were deserted and Buddy and I had the woods and park to ourselves. It was so quiet and peaceful. And the way the snow clung to the trees and branches was beautiful to see. A truly wonderful walk. (Ram Wood, Roundhay Park) Photo 1/12/10 – Words 2019

The thing about this story is that whatever I’d have written could not convey the memory in all its glory. I have a gut reaction when I look at the photo which takes me back to that moment. A reaction that I cannot capture in words. So in a way it didn’t matter what I wrote. Having the picture in my album will be enough to conjure that time again.

A good lesson to remember. Get the photo on the page!

2 thoughts on “Layout Share – Dream Like”

  • I like the layout & you have done what needs to be done to preserve the memory. Some of nature’s most ethereal moments are often hard to capture the whole sensory package. Right now as the season shifts & changes, it’s the light that I would like to capture, but it’s such a hard one to get just right to match photo to feeling. I agree with get the story recorded. Watching several uTube vids from RTS (Record the Story) it’s what she talks about often throughout the video – tell the story, even those without photos.

  • Thanks. I agree about the light. So beautiful but as you say hard to capture. I’ll check out Record the Story thanks for the info on that.

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