Click Tick List – Ride the Mail Rail

Back with more tales from our London trip and crossing another item of my list.

This is another one of those things that I stumbled upon and thought it sounded a fun thing to add to my 100.

Hannah and I hopped aboard for a 15 minute journey on the narrow gauge underground train that used to move post around London.

Construction began during the first world war and the service operated from 1927 to 2003. In its heyday it helped to move 14 million letters through the sorting offices of the capital. The journey we took included a virtual tour guide who talked about the history of the line and we stopped along the way to see video cleverly projected onto to the walls of the tunnel. It was all really good and I enjoyed the experience. Not sure the 15 year old would agree but she joined in non the less.

Really glad I added it to my list and of course crossed it off.

And after all that fun we had a wander around the postal museum too which I loved because ….post boxes!

Ah, the places we take that girl.