Bloom 2019 – Moody Magenta

I seem to classify deep rich colours with moodiness! Well I have to call them something right? Lol.

This was a delightful vase that I made a couple of months ago when some self sown honesty, the moody part of the arrangement, were in full swing. As I mentioned in the last ‘bloom’ post biennials don’t perform for me like they should. I’m coming round to thinking that I am possibly not feeding them enough? I’ll bear that in mind as I plant this years crop.

Actually this vase has three self sown plants in it. The honesty, lunaria annua, cerinthie and forget me nots, myosotis. I added the pinky wallflowers, erysimum cheiri and a branch or two of a variegated leaf shrub.

The cutting patch is looking great at the moment and I have been picking and arranging lots of flowers so I’ll be back soon with a glut of posts!