The Click Tick List – Cross Abbey Road

Who knows how this ended up on the list. I’m not even a huge Beatles fan but maybe I just thought it was something fun to do. And it was….. sort of.

Gav, Hannah and I went on our annual trip to London last weekend and I managed to get three things ticked, hooray. We headed off to Abbey Road in north London on the Sunday morning. I expected it would be busy and I wasn’t wrong.

It definitely could have been worse though. Han wasn’t too keen on joining in on this experience but bless her she did it.

To get a perfect representation I think you’d need to be there at 5am……. and anyone who knowingly drives down this street deserves to get stopped as folk try to cross to get that album cover photo!

Gav did an excellent job of snapping us when no one else was crossing.

So it is done and crossed off. Yeah, yeah, yeah………..

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about just Google images of Abbey Road and all will become clear).