The 100 Day Project – 100 Experiments in Art – 75 Days Down

Ah, 100 day Project I do love you! I am also ready to be done. Ha!

Here are just a few of day 50 -75. I went through a decidedly ‘bad’ patch and have not shared those…. It always happens and is simply something to learn from and try not to repeat. But as I say, in such a long period of time, you are going to make things you don’t like.

I have also been wondering, over on Instagram, where all these bright colours are coming from. I reach for oranges, pinks, bright blues and even yellow. I’ve played more with layering acrylics as well as more abstract pieces. The butterflies is a fav. Completely new to me technique I was inspired to try by artist Pam Garrison. I’m obsessed with watching her classes over at the Creative Bug.

When I was away in Portugal I only had watercolours with me so that was a challenge. The one above on the right and both below are from that week. The left one below is a copy of the kitchen tile pattern!

Had to sneak more hearts in.

Tried a bit more collage style as well as a totally bizarre painting of my hand. I traced around it just like we used to when we were kids. I was good fun.

And probably my favourite of all 75 is this poppy.

I have very nearly got the shading right…….. lol.

So there we have it almost done for another year.