What I’ve been Reading 2019 – Victory Disc and The Hard Way

If you’ve been reading here a while you’ll know that I take part in Ali Edwards One Little Word class. For the creative prompt in March she suggested we commit to practice something everyday for the month. I’ve done this prompt before with varied success. Although not directly linked to my word Heart I decided to ‘practice’ reading everyday. Generally I do read everyday but I have a very bad habit of surfing the internet before sleep rather than reading and I wanted to see if I could cultivate a habit of reading every evening before lights out.

I’m happy to report that I was successful only missing three evenings in the month and two of those were before I had decided to do the reading thing as the practice.

The reason I mention all this here is that I discovered (re-discovered?) something about my reading habits. I may have said this before but I’m going to state it again.

I like to read what I like to read!

I don’t like to read books I’m told I should read. Let me clarify. Many of the folk I follow on Instagram or  blogs I read talk about books. Mostly they recommend books that are out of my comfort zone. They could be literary fiction, which I have read in the past but sometimes is simply above my head. They could be the book of the hour, you know, the one everybody is reading. These books may be well written, interesting stories but often containing some hardship and trauma. I know, I know, you can’t have a story without tension and drama. But I choose to spend my leisure time being generally happy not pulled apart by a story.

So I have decided to stick to my comfort zone for a while and see if I manage to read more. I’m still going to try and read all on my pile it just may take a bit longer!

Since my last reading post I have joined the nameless Vinyl Detective again for his third outing. These are fun easy reads that I just like and I’m looking forward to his fourth.

And naturally I have gone back for more Jack!

Set mainly in NYC this was another good one, if you like murder and mayhem…….

Oh and for full disclosure I picked up another book recently from my pile called Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead but I couldn’t get on with it. I was a few chapters in when I decided there was nothing likeable about any of the characters so back to the charity shop it went. (Mary-Lou that was the one you were interested in! You may enjoy but it wasn’t for me).

Anyway we will see what this new (old?) idea brings…….