What I’ve been Reading 2019 – The Mystery of Three Quarters, Death at the Presidents Lodging and Echo Burning

I finished The Mystery of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah and the day I organised my reading shelf. It is a Hercule Poirot written by another author, much like the last few Peter Wimsey novels. This is actually the third Poirot she has written but I couldn’t bring myself to try them! My friend gave me this so I thought I better get on with it.

The thing I find about reading stories with characters originated by another author is that you have to go with it. That is a very woolly way to describe my reading experience I know. From a correctness point of view I think she did a decent job of capturing Poirot. I’m not sure the story itself was as good as Agatha’s but I did enjoy it and I may try one of the others. I’d say that if you are a fan give them a whirl.

Next up was one off my new pile! Hooray. Not sure where the recommendation for this one came from maybe from a reading post over here. Alicia reads and reads and often has blog posts where she asks for recommendations. She likes English style mysteries so I bet I got it from there. Anyway it was interesting certainly. And very ‘British’ and very old fashioned. I also found it a bit complicated and honestly felt I was wading through it in the end. But it’s read.

And yes….oh dear I could not go two months without Jack! I had no intention of picking one up so soon, honest. But I found this in a local charity shop and the purchase means that between my sister and I we have found all 21 novels at charity/secondhand bookshops. We’ve been collecting about a year or so I think. So it had to be bought and then oops…. it was read.

All that said it wasn’t a favourite. Still enjoyable though.

So there we go not too bad a start at least I have one less on that pile.