Layout Share – Room Service

Now you know we love a pizza in this house but truly this pizza was the longest planned meal ever!

Room Service

Here is the story –

When I discovered that a certain hotels did pizza deliveries I knew I had to book one of those. This pizza was a longtime planned but I loved it all the more for that. He was such a good host that Mickey Mouse. Always get pizza delivered. 

Oh my goodness. It was a good pizza. Loved telling this story. Such fun.

Update on the USA album……….Over the last weekend I been scrapbooking like a mad thing and have more pages from this album done. I can’t believe how many stories I have managed to tell from a 15 day holiday! I haven’t quite finished but it does feel so much closer. I am tempted to leave it as it is and jot down the rest of the stories and know that I can come back to them anytime. We’ll see.

I have also put together last years  Week In The Life™ album and two years worth of London trips. I told you was scrapping like crazy. It feels great to be getting the photos in the albums.