Photo a Day – Week Thirty Three and Thirty Four

Catching up…..

All about the light this first week.

The off we went northward bound to the cottage.

Never photographed a whole rainbow before! I took a panorama which is why the fence at the front looks slightly ‘off’.

Guess the wind blows around here…

My favourite castle ever.

Love that pooch so.


A little sun at last.

Delish cream tea.

I opened the curtains on our last morning and saw that it wasn’t cloudy. Bud and I dashed down to the beach and were rewarded with a sunrise.

Back home and I found these pretty Cherry tree leaves.

And there we go. Still have several weeks to catch up so probably be back with more later this week.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Thirty Three and Thirty Four”

  • An anniversary get away? Bud looks so comfortable in the back of the car. OH what a reward for an early rising. I like the cherry leaves photo.

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