December Daily® 2018 – Album Cover and Foundation Pages

At last I’m sharing the set up for this years album. What with Gav moving the site and then my laptop crashing a few days ago I thought I’d never get the chance to share my album before the beginning of the month!

But I made it, just!

I made a change this year and have gone back to a smaller sized album. The main reason for this is to do with my photo printing issues. After struggling with poor prints on my home printer last year I have decided to use my local photo printer instead of doing it at home this year.  It isn’t my preferred option but I’ll give it a go and in this spirit I have down sized my album so I can include mainly 4 x 6 sized pictures.

I have also returned whole heartedly to red!

Using up lots of older supplies.

And a couple of new ones. Love those transparent stars from Ali Edwards.

Also love some fold out pages.

Leaving lots of pages loose and including a few pocket pages cut down to size.

Envelopes are a true favourite.

Like I say very loose!

I even found some cast off paint projects! I may cover all of this up but we will see.

So there we have it. A foundation to build this years stories upon. I’m very excited to begin this lovely tradition once again.


December Daily® is an album project developed by Ali Edwards. Read all about it over here.

4 thoughts on “December Daily® 2018 – Album Cover and Foundation Pages”

  • I always get very excited to see what you are doing for December Daily. You did not disappoint – your foundation pages are brilliant. I’ve used a few envelopes before ever since I saw you do – it’s a great way to tuck tickets or programs away. Like the stars & in particular I like the snow globe stamp.

  • Aw, thanks Mary-Lou. It’s going to be interesting to see how often I can motivate myself to go and get the photos printed but hopefully it will work out. Oh and that snow globe is actually a patterned paper from Ali I just added the ‘two’ but now you’ve mentioned it I really want a snow globe stamp!

  • So glad to see this post-I always rely on you for ideas and motivation!
    I have a selphy but don’t use it much because of the quality so get my photos printed at the shop and it does delay the process a bit but on balance is worth it.

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