Transferring the Blog

Hello again everyone!  You may have noticed some changes to the site today. I am in the process of transferring Mel’s blog over to a new platform.  I am doing the migration of data and images as quickly as I can in the following order:

  • Build new WordPress site (Complete)
  • Transfer the posts (Complete)
  • Transfer the images (Complete)
  • Update DNS (Complete)
  • Connect posts to the images (Complete)
  • Secure the site (Complete)
  • Add CDN (Not started)
  • Improve site performance (Not started)
  • Upgrade look and feel (Not started)

I’ve moved on to improving the site performance now.  I think it’s running a bit slow.

3 thoughts on “Transferring the Blog”

  • I’m Gav all your work on Mel’s site will payoff in new & improved features & functions. Just remember to repeat often “technology is my friend, technology is my friend …”

  • 🙂 Thanks Mary-Lou, I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get the site up and running for the past day! I think I’ve got to the bottom of most of the issues now, so I can look forward to adding new and improved features.

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