Click Tick List – Photograph 100 Gardens – Boboli Gardens

Florence. A truly beautiful city packed with culture (and people!) and a garden from the book. So we had to pop along and visit it right?

The gardens stand behind the Palazzo Pitti and have a long history. They are also vast so we took a photo of the map to help us with our orientation.

Home to amazing sculptures, some were part of a modern exhibition, beautiful buildings and incredible architecture.

And the views out onto the landscape were just as pretty as everything inside.

Oh and we became statues ourselves for a moment……. We are the two on the left!

This last area of the garden was our favourite as it was more in keeping with a herbaceous border. Filled with Dahlias and other perennials.  Gav caught me taking this photo with my phone. I let him wield the big camera that day.

A lovely few hours spent in a very lovely Italian garden.

2 thoughts on “Click Tick List – Photograph 100 Gardens – Boboli Gardens”

  • Oh WOW to those gardens. I chuckled at your shadow photo – you do statue so well (ha ha ha). It’s always fun to see something in person that you have admired in a book & then try to recapture the same photos. The third from the bottom of photos is my favourite – it’s postcard quality.

  • Thanks. Hopefully this reply will work I had already replied to your lovely comment when the site went wobbly! x So again thank you and we did love that statue photo!

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