Bloom 2019 – The Minimal One

The last few days have seen me sorting out all my photos and moving the last couple of months over to our external hard drive. When you live with a computer programmer backing up is a necessary action. Plus my little lap top can’t hold all the thousands of photos I snap.

All that to say that I’ve found more flower arrangement photos I’d forgotten about! So here is one from earlier in the summer.

I went for very arty minimal! And I seem to remember not liking it much at the time and I’m still not keen but it is part of my flower arranging story so it’s good to document and learn.

What I do love is the colour combo. Those amazing ‘Sooty’ Dianthus barbatus (sweet williams) mixed with the dark Centaurea cyanus (cornflowers) and the elongated raceme’s of the Amaranthus. The zingy contrast of the orange-red Crocosmia sets off those deeper tones bringing the combinations of colour together well. It’s just the sparce arrangement I’m not happy with.

Really glad I found these photos though as I definitely want to try that colour combo out again next year.