What I’ve been Reading – July, August and September 2018

Well. My reading went off the rails a little over the summer. I picked a book from the pile to start off July and kept trying to read it but in the end I decided I wasn’t bothered about finding out who the murderer was (shocking I know!) and I put it down. That wasted most of the month. I am so picky with my books that I very rarely put one down without finishing it but sometimes is has to be done.

I went back to familiar territory I’m afraid after that little disaster. The Enemy by Lee Child. This is the only photo I have of the cover as I’ve returned it to my sister who is keeper of the Reacher collection!

I think it’s pretty clear that I like these books! Quickly read and enjoyed.

After that it was more familiarity with The Attenbury Emeralds by Jill Patton Walsh based on the characters of Dorothy L. Sayers. Really liked this one. Patton Walsh has taken these well loved folk and made them even more loveable.

Our holiday began with more Reacher, Tripwire by Lee Child. If you recall my sister and I are trying to buy all these books second hand and this one, the third in the series has been tricky to find. But she located a copy and kindly let me read it first.

And then I went back to good old Stephanie Plum. I read this one on the kindle so no photo. It was quick and I admit the same old same old. But for a holiday read it was fine.

So there we are three months and only four books so I’m still playing catch up. My tally for the year is sixteen. Better get cracking if I’m going to make it to twenty four!