Photo a Day – Week Twenty Six

Hello again. We are back from our holiday and I’m here to share photos. A theme week. Looking down!

I still love taking photos of my feet. I’m sure I have said before that it makes me feel grounded, like I really exist in the space I live. It also tells a story of the place and the season and they make me so happy. And while ever that is the case I’ll keep on taking them.

Out on our walk. It was chilly today. Had my toes covered up and my coat on. This is a recognisable road marking on our route.

Another recognisable spot. Warmer today but the leaves are falling already. Buddy matches them.

One of our new garden paths. With the mess of building them still visible. Self sown Cerinthie seedling. My old, old Merrells.

My favourite sneakers again. An unfamiliar surface but a pretty one. We were at the shopping centre looking for holiday clothes.

The cold weather shoes are on. I love this cobbled street on our walk and the broken yellow road markings.

The holiday feet. The very (to me) expensive sandals. A pretty surface to walk on. Somewhere I may never go again.

Beautiful cobbles and the two of us.

And there we go.