The Click Tick List – See the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition in Liverpool

I stumbled on the information for this exhibition quite by accident earlier in the summer. Somewhere in the depths of my memory I knew I’d heard of this archeological find but didn’t know much about it.

We headed off last weekend to see what it was all about.

This was the first time in over ten years that the Warriors (they have been called the Terracotta Army too) have come to the UK and the curators at the World Museum in Liverpool have put together a stunning exhibition.

Both breathtaking and terrifying we walked alongside the stories of how the sculptures were made and buried with the Emperor to protect him in the afterlife.

The detail was remarkable, each figure lifesize and unique. They estimate that there are 8,000 soldiers plus horses and chariots. They are still excavating this tomb that was discovered by chance in 1974.

I would love to see them in situ (just search instagram or the internet for an idea of the scale of this tomb) but I know I’ll never go so this will have to do.

Well worth the visit.

2 thoughts on “The Click Tick List – See the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition in Liverpool”

  • WOW, what a great exhibition to take in. I cannot imagine the work that it took to create such an army, the attention to detail & to be a recent discovery (1974) I must check to see if this display is making the rounds across the pond!

    I’ve heard that there is a terra cotta display created in Ashbourne in Derbyshire of all the players for the Shrove Tuesday football game. Link to view Eileen’s visit there;

    Not sure how close that would be for you.

    • Do check out if it’s coming to your side of the water, well worth a trip. And that display in Ashbourne looks amazing. Not too far from me at all so thanks for the information!

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