Photo a Day – Week Twenty Three and Twenty Four

Here we go with some more. Lots of summer light and garden goodness.

But first food……


It rained!

View on the walk to work.

Can’t wait to pick these….. but they are not ready yet.

A teeny Aubergine.

Tried the macro lens on the Bee filled Echinops. Even if they are not in focus I love the colours in this shot.

Late night building work, plus that moon in the tree tops.

The weather has returned to normal here in the UK which is chilly, but I kept my sandals on even though it was chilly.

Homegrown pak choi that looked like Matryoshka dolls.


More light. Capturing summer before it’s too late! And just look at that Dahlia. So amazing.

More bees on the Echinops.

Overseeing the weeding.

Things we shouldn’t be eating sat in pretty light.

And there we go.