Bloom – Be Bold

Have I mentioned that we are having an unusually hot and dry summer? Oh I have…..

You would think that all the flowers would be relishing, if not the drought, certainly the heat. But they are not. As I have said before I am watering, probably not as much as they need because I’m trying to be a responsible citizen. I’ve read on flower folks instagrams that big blooms like Dahlia’s are sulking from the weather conditions in the UK and I can concur. I have picked three Labyrinth stems so far.

But I shouldn’t complain even if the flower cropping period will be shorter this year, all the annuals are running to seed like crazy, I have picked and arranged and still enjoyed this whole flower growing process.

The vase here from about a month ago is filled with Certinthie, canon went, the last (really the last) sweet williams and Euphorbia.