Photo a Day – Week Nineteen and Twenty

Another couple of weeks.

This was mid June and we hadn’t had rain for a few weeks. You can see the lawn going brown. But apart from the lack of rain I have been trying to embrace the heat. Early mornings are best.

And that sunshine has been giving us great crops of most things.

Walk before work.

Not a great photo compositionally but that blue against the burnt orange sunflower was too good to miss.

More tomatoes.

This amazing moth came to grab a snack while I was sat daydreaming. Managed to capture some video and photos. I’ve tried to identify but the images are not clear enough and there are a lot of brown moths!

Beautiful and delicious cake at friends.

Pretty little sunflower.

Evidence that H and I sat outside for breakfast after her sleepover.

Walking to work. Love the cobbles.

Reflections. Probably shouldn’t have my phone out while filling the car!

Then it was our annual trip to London with H. This is Seven Dials roundabout. I love this area and this meeting of seven streets.

Been waiting years for her to be old enough to hire the bikes!

Handed the big camera over to her on Sunday morning. She did okay.

And there we go.