Photo a Day – Week Eighteen

Amazing sky to start the week.

Garden alterations are coming along.

Could we possibly get a Pear from this tree?

Sun lover.

I bought Gav this knot book after we stayed in a hotel that had a huge display of knots in a glass case and he couldn’t stop looking at them. Bad measuring for my latest hobby provided him with an endless supply of rope…..

Light and pretty flowers.

Filling in the final result of our World Cup wall chart.

And there we go.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Eighteen”

  • How exciting those changes look to the garden. Your chessboard patio is looking quite good. It’s wonderful when your own plantings provide food (pear). When we moved into our home, there was one little apple tree left from the original orchard. It had been covered in Virginia Creeper vine for, I am sure, years. My efforts could not save it but at the time I had visions of making apple pie from my own apples … Your sun worshiper looks quite relaxed. Interesting knot book …

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