Photo a Day – Week Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen

Still playing catch up.

Cannot resist a stick or in this case a piece of wood he found in the garage after sneaking in and rootling around.

Been waiting for these beautiful Sweet William ‘Sooty’ to flower. I bought them as mini plants last summer because I couldn’t find the seed for this particular variety. After a bit more searching on the internet I found seeds so hopefully I’ll have lots next summer.

At last, new growth on our little Christmas tree.

Lemon and poppy seed cupcakes. Yum.

June drop. It’s one of those things that happens to apple trees, a natural process of shedding some of the fruit so that the ones left can mature with plenty of space. Even though I know the reason for it happening I hate to see it.

Photos of the bees, always.

Me and the fantastic harvest of Sweet Williams.

On to the next week….

We have been having the most incredible sunny spell for weeks now and although this artichoke looks perfect the plant got blown about it the wind and because the soil is so dry it just fell over. We staked it but the hearts were dried out. Still pretty though.

I love feta cheese!

We did amuse ourselves both playing Boules and taking this picture!

Lovely sunset on the longest day.

I see you.

A walk in the country.

The froth og alchemilla mollis.

And one more week to get us up to date.

Managed to make a perfectly runny poached egg for our seasonal treat.

Still messing about with the camera and focus distances using the self timer. Not quite there yet.

Pasta pesto salad.

Man at work…….

Sleepover which included making pizza.

And lemon cheesecake the next day!

Rescued this Ringlet butterfly from the greenhouse and he sat there long enough for me to grab a photo.

And there we go all caught up.