Photo a Day – Week Twelve and Thirteen

Still playing catch up…….

Preparations for sweet pea planting.

A trip to the seaside and some camera timer fun!

Light on Clematis.

Fav plant, fav buzzy thing!

A reflective moment.


Adorable pooch.

And again……

This area of the garden is getting an overhaul soon!

Another lunchtime in the gardens at Roundhay Park.

Making dream catchers.

Gav and I went to London. This is the view from the Tate over the Thames to St Pauls.

We did a lot of climbing steps that weekend. Here we were at the top of St Pauls Cathedral.

Love a sign. I assume this is an old one still in use at the tube station.

And there we go. Not quite caught up but getting there.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Twelve and Thirteen”

  • Lots of wonderful photos. Oh my, your young Miss is certainly growing up quickly – lovely. Ah Bud is so handsome & he looks so content in the garden. I like your photo of yourself sitting in your garden – a perfect spot for reflection. I’ve been playing with my camera timer again. I have perfected the head chop off in photos, so maybe I’ll take your idea of getting the feet jumping in joy. I could do an entire photo show of the no face self portraits!

    • Thanks for you lovely words. Now on the subject of ‘selfies’…. you must put your face in some! Playing about is great and on that subject I bought an ebook recently from Vivienne McMaster and am enjoying reading this. It’s been a while since I tried to learn photography stuff! Do put a couple of face photos in the mix though wont you?? x

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