What I’ve been Reading – May 2018

Oh the heady heights of literary fiction…….. May was not the month for such novels. I appear to have forsaken my quest to reduce the pile of books already!

And I only managed two.

The first was another of the Lord Peter Wimsey written by Jill Patton Walsh. Presumption of Death. It was very enjoyable. Set in the second World War it gave an insight into country life during that period and we got to know the characters a little better. I have leant the book to my Mum which is why my photo is less that perfect!

My second book was another Jack Reacher – pictured at the top. Not too much death and destruction in this one and perhaps all the better for it. A quick (because you can’t put them down) read to finish the month.

I’ll try for three in June so I can make my goal of twenty four for the year……

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been Reading – May 2018”

  • Thanks for book recommendations. I have gone through a rather dry spell in reading, well reading for pleasure, there seems to be endless stuff to read for work!

    How nice to have a lunch time picnic outside with a good book, I must try that soon.

    I like all your plates, the purple carrot one is fun …

  • I suffer those dry spells too. You will come back round to reading again soon I’m sure. Yes I like the purple carrot one too ; )

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