Layout Share – That’s One Way to Get Steps

Another week another story!

That’s one way to get Steps

Here’s the story –

I said I’d finish the laundry as it was my turn. For some reason I walked back and forth between the room and the laundry room about twenty times! In the heat! Who know why but I did. Anyway the laundry got done and I went way over those steps.

This page is an example of yet another of those photos that I wanted to scrap but wondered why. After looking at the picture for a little while the memory of the trips back and forth popped into my head and that was a good enough tale to marry with the photo. I love this strange ritual of the Disney Caribbean laundry room. I could also have mentioned that the change machines ate your money, the wait for the engineer  to retrieve said money or the bliss of the air con inside the room. Maybe I’ll just remember those things or maybe I won’t either way I love the page as is and am happy I have those big washing machines in the album.

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