Bloom 2018 – Peachy

I forced myself to cut a few tulips to arrange a few weeks ago and had a go at arranging them in a similar way to many of the florists I follow on Instagram.

There was Tulip ‘Brownie’ and ‘Queen of Night’, honesty, cherry blossom and hellebores.

I love the totally mismatched colour scheme and I like the idea of the lopsided arrangement but need more practice. In the end I evened it all up a bit too much. Missing those tulips so much!

2 thoughts on “Bloom 2018 – Peachy”

  • Very pretty. The last of my tulips just lost a last petal, so yes truly done now. I have two daffodils still in flower – the refuse to give up. I will pick some lily of the valley today to put on my desk at work, although flowers from my garden at work just makes me long to be home, in the garden … Happy week in your garden.

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