Photo a Day – Week Nine

Here are another week of photos. I was joining in with Ali Edwards Week in the Life. Not sure if I’ll make an album but I did enjoy trying to capture different things in pictures this week. Usually more of me. Ha!

And I got the big camera out every day. Gotta love what that big camera can do!

But sometimes the phone is easier to hold over you head to get stuff like this one.

And this one, which was a new adventure for me. We have the amazing Roundhay Park near where I live and work. We also have two huge expanses of grass or playing fields just outside the park called Soldiers’ Field (because this is where soldiers gathered in the First World War.) Anyway I wandered up to sit among the trees and green on my lunch break and it was lovely. Got steps in getting there and some reading too.

Here is one with the big camera. Always the bees right!

And always this fella.

Our eating apple tree had the most amazing blossom this year. Hope we get half as many apples as flowers. As with many flowers at the moment they were gone just a few days later because of wind and a colder snap. So fingers crossed that some got the bee treatment.

It is usually only during WITL that I take selfies like this one. It took a few tries but I like how it turned out.

And that was that.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Nine”

    • Thanks for your comment. It is great looking at the way we all live isn’t it. Thanks for asking about the last photo. It was a challenge as my arms are not that long. But there is a flat part of the bed head so I set the timer on the i-phone and laid it on the shelf! Took about three tries to get me in the frame. I love playing about with the self timer.

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