The Tulips 2018

For as many years as I can remember, certainly the last ten, I’ve endeavoured to have a stunning display of tulips in our garden. I have always loved these flowers and they are my favourite….. in April and May at least! We have done quite a decent display this year, possibly inspired by my Tulip Day last year.

Every day for the past four weeks (the season has been short because of the weather, cold then hot) I have ventured outside and within moments had a smile on my face as I see the tulips for the first time that day. Some may not be very perennial but it’s always worth buying more for the amount of pure joy they bring me.

The main display came from four pots. I planted in the same bulbs twos so there would be symmetry on either side of that path.

The top two photos as well as the next two show the evolution of the display in one of the pots.

Early morning sunshine. And it captures another couple of clumps of tulips that Gav planted in the borders. These have come back well for a about two years now.

Practicing with my macro lens….

I adore the darker tulips and this one is Black Parrot.

And this one is Queen of Night.

Totally blown out shot with sun flare but I still like the photo and I’m beginning to quite like this blowsy Antraciet variety too.

More from the pots.

Another fav. Dolls Minuet planted in a pot this year.

And finally another macro photo of an emerging La Belle Epoch. Such amazing detail on those petals!

Truly, truly in love with these flowers.

2 thoughts on “The Tulips 2018”

  • as I return to the land of the upright I am playing blog reading catch up….

    Your tulips are gorgeous, that close up of the red/white is stunning. So many varieties. It’s the one reason I don’t mind cooler days/evenings, it helps the tulips last. I’ve had a few surprises thanks the re-distribution program of the squirrels. Your Black Parrot is one that needs to be in my garden!

    • Oh! Mary-Lou just read your post and hope you are looking after yourself. I missed you! You are such a kind and lovely reader of this blog and I wondered if you were ok. Take care and plan more Tulips for next year as you recuperate.

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