Photo a Day – Week Six

And here is another week.

There was fresh bread and hummus…… Lightly toasted the bread and added some vegetables to help the 5 a day quota and hey presto a perfect lunch.

I’m not even bothered that its blurry.

I Instagrammed this with the caption ‘Wild and tamed.’ Well it made me smile!

We had a mini heat wave so off to get ice-cream we went.

Much gardening was done.

And wildlife found.

Had my ‘big’ lens so managed to capture this fella. I adore Robins.

And that’s what we got up to last week.

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week Six”

  • A wonderful week captured … Like Bud’s action shot. We have only just had the snow & ice melt so we are a few weeks off of any real work in the garden. Wild & tame is a perfect caption.

    Liked your layout from the last post … nice balance of the grid with photos, paper & journal spots.

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